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I decided to post the download for the old demo as well. Why hide it? It is what it is.

Feel free to play and review. If Carlsev Saga does come back, it's going to be completely revamped and certainly not for 2k or 2k3. It will be on VX Ace, without rips, without ripped music, and without anything of the sort.

It's not the most quality thing out there, but again, why hide it?


Future of Carlsev 2

Carlsev Saga 1 is getting a full port to 2k3, with a revamped battle system and the whole nine yards. What about Carlsev 2?

My current plan is to port maps and events to RPG Maker 20XX, and rebuild the battle system from the ground up, once finished with the Carlsev 1 port.

I figure 20XX will be much closer to completion by the time Carlsev 1's revamp is finished in the fall (or thereabouts).

As for Carlsev 3?

VX may be the answer.


Big change of plans

There's a good chance that several things will happen:

a) I will be converting the Carlsev Saga trilogy into a duology, meaning that this game is going to be quite big. If I don't do this, then this game will be fairly short as the middle installment, meaning that there won't be many optional things to do. Cutting a ton of the optional content, or at least saving it for Carlsev 3, may be a wise strategy. I just need to get this story told.
b) I won't have another demo out for many months. I have to finish tweaking Carlsev Saga 1 first, and I have to finish The Encephalon II at some point as well.
c) This may take priority over Legend of Denadel. I may actually hand off Denadel after finishing chapter 1.

The next few months are going to be very, very challenging. But we'll get through it.


Introducing...the Carlsev Saga Tactical Battle System

Ashriot is helping me with another one of my visions when it comes to Carlsev Saga: this time, tactical battles! Control armies on a grid-based map as they trade blows and capture cities as it relates to the story. There will be about five of these battles throughout Carlsev 2 (and several more in Carlsev 3). Most of the details are being ironed out, and we'll hopefully have screenshots up in a week or two.

It's a basic rocks-papers-scissors structure, with some abilities thrown in to enhance things. Stats will be simple (HP, or number of people in the unit; SP, or ability points; and attack value), and most of the mechanics will be nice and straightforward for this first incarnation of the system.

The first battle will be inserted somewhere near the end of the material covered in the first demo. This, combined with the fact that several systems are being overhauled and new cutscenes/flashbacks are being added, means that you'll probably want to replay the first demo from the start!


New addition to the demo: flashbacks.

I've decided to shatter my bias against excessive flashbacks, since I think they will help tell the background of the story in a more elegant manner. The actual game itself is probably going to be scaled down a bit from its initial plans -- perhaps to about the size of Carlsev 1. Carlsev 3 will be the mammoth game in the series; it will be similar in scale to Chapter 5 of Hero's Realm and Chapter 6 of Legend of Denadel, except with a greater emphasis on story.


What to expect in the next demo.

Here's what's coming in Demo 2:

- New areas, including Starke Jungle, Starke City, and Southerland Forest.

- A plethora of new cutscenes inserted in the Demo 1 areas, mainly to bolster the pacing of the story and chop up some of the large blocks of scenes that were planned for mid game.

- A CMS database and, possibly, CMS alchemy/refinement -- this may have to wait until the final version, though.

- Several new skills, as well as a ramped-up difficulty. The first demo is fairly easy, after all.

- Watered-down inventory and streamlined rendering.

- Finishing touches added to Ketania, Fiore, and the Underground Passage.


Carlsev 2 Demo has been posted!

I have posted the demo to Carlsev Saga II. It features roughly 3 hours of gameplay, covering the first quarter of the game. Feedback and questions are always welcome.


Let's Play Carlsev Saga II, the demo!


New screenshots added -- feedback welcome!

I added about a dozen screenshots; feel free to offer feedback and other comments. I'm always open to such stuff.


Demo will be posted soon!

I want to fix a few bugs and other issues before I upload the demo again. I recommend playing the first one before this, but I've included a fairly comprehensive summary in the event that you want to jump right in.

In the meantime, here's part one of the LP:


(Note: not sure how to embed into the blog, as the code derived from Youtube does not work.)
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