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==Playable Characters==

Ayasaki Hayate

Hayate is the protagonist of the game. He’s features include a poor, and feminine looking face. His number one weakness is his inability to understand the hearts of the girls around him. His title as a “combat butler” is justly established. Due to the various hardships he had to go through since early childhood, Hayate can perfectly perform various tasks at a level that would otherwise take years of practice for others to achieve. He is invincible, can move at inhuman speeds, is able to fly and is omnipresent (only when the situation calls for it. ) Most of the main cast in the game has some sort of feelings for him, though he is completely oblivious to all but one of them.

Sanzenin Nagi

Nagi is a ridiculously rich girl that hires Hayate to be her butler. Due to an unprecedented amount of villains who wish to take her life over the years, she has learned that the best way to stay safe is to stay inside. Due to this, she has developed severe hikkikomori tendencies (wiki the term if you are not familiar with it. ). She enjoys being lazy, playing MMO all day, drawing her manga and hanging around Hayate. Despite these flaws, Nagi is incredibly smart; she just has no common sense. During the adventure, she acts almost as if she is the leader of the group, despite Hayate being the main character. She calls herself the “RPG master” due to the extensive knowledge of RPGs that she’s played.


Maria is the head maid of the Sanzenin Household. Due to the complete lack of foresight that most of the cast exhibit, she acts like a voice of reason most of the time. This does not mean that she doesn’t have vices of her own. She is deathly afraid of cockroaches, which is a shame due to the fact that a bulky part of the beginning of story has to do with obtaining a “golden cockroach”. She also gets extremely irritated whenever people mistake her for an adult, due to her mature demeanor and ability in handling adult situations. Who would have guessed that she is a “fresh 17 year old”?

Katsura Hinagiku

Hina is a popular girl that goes to Hayate and Nagi’s high school. She is the student council president at Hakuou Academy, a title that is very hard to achieve, due to her first year status and just how prestigious Hakuou is. She is friendly, intelligent, and athletic and excels in Kendo. Other than Maria, she is probably the only character who shows foresight in a sea of air-headedness. She is extremely afraid of heights and is quite childish when it comes to losing. For example, it took her a while to accept the fact that it was going to be her who was to confess to Hayate about her feelings, as Hayate was never going to get the message. Though she admitted that she must be the one to confess, she has yet to do so…

Saginomiya Isumi

Isumi is a powerful exorcist, and probably the most air-headed out of all the cast. She cannot tell the difference between north and south, deems electronic devices broken when she cannot operate on them, and forgets why she needs to go somewhere before she reaches her destination. Despite her utter lack of common sense, she is extremely powerful at using magic, or as she calls it, “her hand soap” (though Hayate mentions that she definitely meant to say “hand power”. ) She can also sense spirits and auras naked to the untrained eye and quell spiritual unrest. Because she is constantly escorted by her friends during the game, her ability to get lost, both in her mind and in the physical world diminished a bit, though you never know when she will just “disappear in thin air”…

Aizawa Sakuya

Sakuya is an unruly girl from the Kansai region of Japan. She is critical of the overall humor that is going around in the game. She is especially watchful of the jokes told by or that are attempted to be told by the cast. If she likes it, she will commend them, though if not, they will have to be ready to be smacked hard by her Harisen (A paper fan used in Manzai stand-up comedy). She is probably the only one out of the girls in the party that has no clear feelings for Hayate. Though she does look up to Hayate greatly as an older brother figure, as her real older (half)brother is a real disgrace.

Nishizawa Ayumu

Ayumu is the only girl in the cast that has her feelings known to Hayate. She is shy, clumsy in her speech and a total fanatic when it comes to Hayate. She has a rivalry with Nagi, ever since Nagi snatched Hayate away from her and their normal world and dragged him into a world of abnormalities and mayhem. She has a tremendous knack for food. You can almost always see her with some sort of pastry or sweets in her mouth. Because of her “normal” nature when it comes to the rest of the cast, she is the slowest in combat, though this weakness is offset by her incredible ability to surprise others with her inconsistent, hidden and bizarre skills. Hmm, maybe she isn’t that “normal” after all.


A badass who joins your party under one condition: Give her her damn melon bread!


Tachibana Wataru and Kijima Saki

Wataru runs Video Tachibana, and Saki is his personal maid, as well as his guardian. Talk to them if you wish to learn new techs. Saki's greatest fear is that Wataru will grow up and start watching the porn videos in his own store. Wataru has a huge crush on Isumi and is Nagi's fiancee, but that plot device is long forgotten...

The Great Duku Tree

An old cranky tree that lives in Nagi's yard. He gets extremely ticked off whenever people pronounce his name wrong, especially along the lines of "Deku Tree" or something. He loves to eat bugs and give people random challenges for his own amusement.

The Mushishi

An enigmatic man whose name is never revealed. He's a lazy, inconsiderate and very sarcastic man, despite being a well respected Mushishi, or "Bug Specialist". Our heroes meet him during a mushi outbreak epidemic in Mushi Village (The village name begs for it...).

The Manager

The chain-smoking, mood-swinging manager of the "Full Section". She runs the dock at Nora Town and is extremely ticked off that a trade ship recently sank in Sanzenin Lake along with a new shipment of cigarettes. Her name is never mentioned.

The Garbage Collector

Filling in the shoes of the mandatory JRPG guy who will trade seemingly useless items for worthwhile gear, this eccentric fellow will upgrade your "Staff of Destruction" in exchange for actual garbage items. His name is never mentioned.