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Hayate no Gotoku! or more easily remembered/understood as Hayate the Combat Butler! is a manga about a rich girl and her overprotective butler. One thing that stands out about HnG is its off-kilter humor, relentless 4th wall-breaking, and liberal knack for parodying/referencing anything you can think of in contemporary media/pop culture. While the manga focuses on these things plus Hayate's relationship with various girls in the cast, my game focuses more on the rapid-fire, non sequitur gag/parody-fest that made the first season of the anime adaptation such a hit. The relationship aspect of the series is also maintained in my affection system of the game.

While a fan-game at heart, I try to cater towards anyone who enjoys JRPGs and video games in general. The main focus of the game is, of course, humor, and a lot of elaboration has been put forth in order to make fun of some of the most prevalent conventions in modern as well as classic video games.

Here are some quick-reads in easily accessible form:
wikipedia page
tv tropes