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In Defense of Peace

  • Craze
  • 05/16/2010 01:21 AM
"Familiar," the theme of devotion between siblings.

In Praise of Peace is set during a war, but is not truly about war. The war is there, it is present, it is a catalyst for the events of the game, yet the story is not about the war, its resolution, or even the other countries involved. In Praise of Peace is about displaying the epitome of betrayal - being betrayed by those you trust, those you love, and those you are forced to love. The theme of betrayal is examined deeply; the war simply allowed for the nature of humanity to show itself.

So, why set the game during a war at all? There are no senators in this game. There are no generals, no commanders, no leaders - and barely any heroes. The male lead is a devouted assassin and the female essentially a glorified sellsword. I think my answer is purely that of me wanting to... tease the player? Maybe not. More like show that the game's events are important, that what the characters do matter, but that it's only a small part of a larger picture. Yes, you deal with a manipulative prince who covertly plays a major part in the war, but you never learn what he's done.

I guess what I'm trying to say in this blog is "don't start playing In Praise of Peace with any sort of preconceived notions about where it's going to go." Not that you'll have the game in your hands for a few months, but hey. Might as well say it now.


If you can tell me what the blog title is from, you'll get a cameo as an optional boss. First come, first serve. If you are chaos, Darken, Ark or Silv, don't bother; you've already had your optional boss cameo in Visions & Voices! And WIP got a weapon named after him.


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Haha I gave it the old college try but came up empty. But I won't post what little I found...make the winner work for it. ;)
The only meaningful result I got with Google was "In Defense of Anarchism". Is Googling cheating?
In defence of Global Capitalism? It's a book, I believe (though I'm probably wrong XP )
I'm guessing it's a reference to a "In ??? of Peace", there's a ton of "In Defence of ???" that using that as the reference comes down to guessing what Craze thought of specifically which is like guessing which red ball of a hundred red balls was the one he touched. (or I am over exaggerating without knowing the actual reference)
I was trying the full "in defense of peace," which some essays mention but I couldn't track down the original source of it. Nothing shows up in quote collections. The closest I got was it being mentioned in a 1951 clip from the government archives, though who knows who said it. If it's In Blank of Peace, yowza! :D That could be quite a handful!
Following that train of thought there's "In Defence of Peace, Poetry and Culture" which wouldn't be a bad reference at all.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
If you are chaos

Well I guess it doesn't help that you told me what it means, now does it?
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
GRS: Very nice find! Not what I'm looking for, but an honorable mention goes to you.

The words "IN DEFENSE OF PEACE" are in a very modern and widespread pop culture event. It quite plainly says "IN DEFENSE OF PEACE." Googling isn't cheating, but it's likely not going to help you one bit.
Mwa ha ha we'll see about that, I'll just Google "in praise of peace event" and end up...wait here? Here? Noooooooo! Curse you Rod Serling!
Hmm...I suppose "in defense of peace event" would have had more bite.
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