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This long lost tale recently recovered from a 1 GB flash drive tells the story of The Master, after his labors were completed here on Earth (an account of which is given in ActRaiser), retired from this mortal realm and left his work in the hands of another, who would one day come again to guide the peoples to peace. Here the story begins with the figure who has emerged as The Master's successor, Kefka.

This game is similar to the old SNES classic ActRaiser (it's more or less a parody of the game). ActRaiser combined different genres into one game -- action platforming with a little city building 'sim' mode and some RPG elements as well. In this version I've replaced the blood-pumping ultra-exciting action platforming sequences with more suitable RPGMaker2k3 sequences :D

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whhaaaa? Very interesting...

What is this game supposed to be? I am having a hard time figuring it out from the screenshots. Either way, I am intrigued!
**Repaired ambiguous profile**

If you've played ActRaiser, it's kinda similar to that, sorta.
Good game..Sorry, but i no good the english. Iam from hungarian..
just downloaded the game and got a problem, The RPG Maker 2003 runtime package is not present or registered, so the game won't even start up (that problems not uncommon with rpg maker games it seems >.> )
Unless the creator of the game specifically designs it, all RPGmaker 2003 games are dependent on RTP... which is a collection of resources that come with RM2K3. You can solve this by installing RTP.
Because it is a shorter game, I decided not to bother with the RTP. Unfortunately this creates many inconveniences, I apologize. But... it's a slightly smaller download size!!!
thanks for the solution, just downloaded the rtp and tried the game, starts up fine :)
an actraiser homage? oh iits downloading now!

(if it is a homage to act raiser 2 I will have the hounds learn your scent)
I would never pay homage to such an insidiously inferior sequel. As far as I'm concerned ActRaiser 2 is in a place of much weeping and gnashing of teeth.
It entertained me muchly. I don't recall monsters in act raiser being so very deadly. This homage kept me on my toes!

although panda bears should not ever be treated in such a way. they eat bamboo and carry splinters.
I didn't care for the intro, its not my kind of "comedy". But so far, out of the 2 dozen RM games I've played in the last few days this one is the best. I didn't turn it off in disgust! Good job!
Excellent! I am glad to have caused you non-disgust for a while!
you know what this is worth posting 9 years later:

a) oh, he LITERALLY meant Kefka
b) considering the original Japanese translation was "God", not "The Master", and that this game's story was ostensibly found "on a long lost 1GB flash drive" (lol) this is the only found footage story I've found in any media where the footage was taken by God. I just thought that was interesting.
Well, decided to check this out. Found out I could trap myself in the desert the hard way.

The 2 upper left blocks can no longer be moved, and thus I cannot reset the puzzle.

R.I.P. my progress.
When i try to play this game i get directdraw error
When i try to play this game i get directdraw error

Hi, I added some missing files. It should run now.
Let us know if this works on your end:
ActRazer (auroren sky)(RM2k3)(2010).rar

Thanks for letting us know about the error.
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