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SMRPG: Seven Sages ~Extended Edition~ MOD

Penguin4478, a Seven Sages fan and member of the ICU Gigasoft Forum, has released the most complete version of his MOD and we'd like to share it with you. Penguin4478 put a lot of work into the project and has added a variety of content including new dungeons, equipment, and suits for players to use. In addition to that, he extensively rebalanced the characters.

You can find his YouTube Channel and videos of his work here: Penguin4478

You can download the MOD and other Mods here: SMRPGSS MODS


Super Mario RPG: Seven Sages 1.7.0 + Mods Support

Super Mario RPG: Seven Sages 1.7.0 is out, download it here.

As usual, there are new weapons, armor, and bug fixes. The biggest change is that the game comes with the project files unlike previous versions. You are encourage to create your own mods and submit them to our site if want them to be hosted. Currently we have an alternate suit color pack and a graphic revamp up for download.


Play To The Ground: Video Series Preview

I'm mulling over an idea to (finally) create an ICU Gigasoft play through of our games. However, it'll have a twist. On the left side of the video will be footage of me (or cdivision) playing through one of our games. On the right, however, commentary from us will pop up from time to time. They will be about what's happening in the game, how we made stuff, why we did what we did, or other fun facts about the games development.

The first game on the list will be "Seven Sages," although I'm open to doing others (including unfinished projects) during the run through.

Here's a preview of how it will look. Comments, feedback, and questions would be nice before I decide to continue or not.


Mario Vs. Giant Skell-O-Bits Cutscene

I noticed this was getting a lot of views on YouTube, so I figured I might as well post it here. This is an excerpt from a video uploaded by JudgmentTH, from a series of videso in which he goes through and fights some of the major bosses from Seven Sages.

What makes this video stand out is the cutscene created by C-Division that happens before the fight. It's slightly reminiscent of the Super Mario Bros. Z flash videos from newgrounds, but done in RPG Maker 2003.

This links to the relavent portion:


Future Plans for Seven Sages + New Videos Page

The majority of people who know Seven Sages through this site probably haven't read about the upcoming new content for the game. I'll reveal more about it as we near it's release, but I wanted to keep you posted on it. "The Luigi Chronicles" will Seven Sages first major story and content expansion pack. Unlike the dozen or so updates that have been released via patching over the course of Seven Sages two year public life that focused more on bug fixes and minor additions, The Luigi Chronicles will add more to the story and major new features. Quests, Forging, new items, new equipment, and new bosses to name a few. I won't go into detail here, but The Luigi Chronicles should add about several hours of play time to Seven Sages. Depending on it's popularity, we'll make more expansion packs like it to make Seevn Sages the best it can be given the confines of it's dated architecture.

Be on the look out for more TLC info. Also, we have a new page of boss fight videos courtesy of JudgmentTH.

Here's a quick little tidbit about TLC to end this post: Quests can change the weather and monsters that inhabit old levels, and can also unlock new maps within them.


Requesting Review

Given that my game has been downloaded many times (over 10,000 total and 1700 times here as of now), I hope I can assume that at least some people here at have beaten it. I am asking for one or more people to do a review for Seven Sages on this website. It would be greatly appreciated to give an idea of the game to people who haven't played it.

Thank you


Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages patch 1.6.0 and 1.6.1 released!

Fixed in 1.6.1
-Star Rank "Yes" and "No" Options
-Star Rank compatibility with stat raising badges

New in 1.6.0
-New Feature - Star Rank: Keep your stats and reset to level 1, allowing you to relevel to 99 to get even stronger!
-Smasher K's Shop will now sell Pentagles, Badge Points, and Suits that you missed on the moon and Voom Shroom.
-Bony Beetle buffed
-Sand E. Cloud buffed
-Cosmic Pin effect changed
-Slow Start Pin effect changed
-Spinia Pin effect changed
-Champion Pin effect changed
-Sage Toad Boost re-balanced (again!)

Fixed Bugs:
-You can access the menu during the rising dialouge on the bros. going into the Vroom Shroom.
-You won't loose a Mon Move Pin if you have it equipped during the exchange
-Passability in the Vroom Shroom Control Deck
-Jumping Contest bug
-Unequipping Poltergust Suit Glitch
-Glitz Way Pipe jumping glitch
-Near the Pit of 100 Trials entrance you can walk into a wall
-Fighting the right Gloomba in Coniferous Confusion
-Luigi dance infinte loop in Sage Maplo Scene

Fixed Typos:
-Toadsworth: "Then what's that card you're holding in your hand."
-Toad: "Leter in your quest, you can visit the Hero's Room to get helpful hints on how to further complete your quest!"
-"You've been giving permission to go to the roof?"
-"Ignitiate Phase: Bomb-Voyage!"
-"If that's true, where is Pincess Peach?"
-"Don't worry guys, I'll do the explaination!"
-"Wow! did all of that really happen to you on your way here Mario?"
-"This is becoming a promlem Mario."
-During the coversation that happens after peach catches Alfonz at one point Luigi is is spelled "Lugi".
-The Cacti running the ferry offers to take you back to the Cactus Kingdom, it should say the Mushroom Kingdom.
-Toad the Plumber: "You gotta work quick cause you can't stay there forever."
-Koopa Kool: "The name's Koopa Kool, pleased to make your aquaintance."
-Princess Peach: "All right. Could you two head over to Mushroom Way then?"
-Fungal Sage: "Make sure they don't get energy from the sages first because with all the sages power together, great good or evil could come about."
-Rich C: "What? are you trying to steal my other stuff too?"
-Chief Inspector: "Your honor, if the defendent has no defender to defend his case, then this case should be defeated with no defense."
-Option: "Your completely right"
-Chief Inspector: "If that man was an upstanding gentlemen, would he really sport such ugly facial hair."
-Boogly Boo: "The name's Boogly Boo, pleased to make your aquantince."
-Bowser: "You may think you're hot stuff, but that vegetable said this is the HOT HOT Desert. Now your iced."
-Kalmar: "We can't leave leave our place in Star Haven to interfere."
-Princess Pecach


Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages v1.5.4b & 1.5.4c released

Several bug fixes, "Surfing Bros." mini-game is now skippable.


Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages v1.5.4 patch released!

Lotta new stuff!

-New Feature: Monster Arena!
-New Haunted House
-Sage Maplo Cure buffed.
-Frog Hygiene nerfed.
-Buff Badge... um, buffed.
-Most buff skills were nerfed and balanced.
-Bowser's Mon Moves were buffed but now cost more.

-New Item: Big Mushroob
-New Weapon: Spike Ultra Boots
-New Weapon: Jump Boots+
-New Weapon: Super Jump Boots+
-New Weapon: Ultra Jump Boots+
-New Weapon: Dizzy Boots
-New Weapon: Super Dizzy Boots
-New Weapon: Spike Ultra Boots
-New Weapon: Gag Boots
-New Weapon: Super Hammer
-New Weapon: Super Ultra Hammer
-New Weapon: Shining Ultra Hammer
-New Weapon: Headache Hammer
-New Weapon: Mini Mashers

-All Spinia drop "Spinia Pin"
-Ice Snift now drop "Super Soda"
-Wizzerd now drop "Elemental Pin"
-Dark Wizzerd now drop "Right Mind Pin"
-BitBot now drop "Lighting Bolt"
-Bullet Blasters drop "Bullet Bill Pin"
-Darkstar Puff's now drop "Poison Pin"
-Magikoopa now drop "Kammy's Pin"
-Flurry now drop "Elemental Pin"
-Lakithunder now drop "Thunder Bolt"
-Chain Chomps now drop "Maple Syrup"
-Tap Tap now drop "Spike Ultra Boots (L)"
-Bully now drop "Vigorous Pin"
-Ghost Goomba now drop "Big Ghost Bag"
-Shady Goomba now drop "Goomba Pin"
-Shroob now drop "Big Mushroob"
-Tanoomba now drop "Goomba Pin"
-Tanoomba (Mario) now drop "Gag Boots (M)"
-Tanoomba (Luigi) now drop "Gag Boots (L)"

-New Suit Skill: Nozzle Change: Turbo (FLUDD)
-New Suit Skill: Nozzle Change: Hover (FLUDD)
-New Suit Skill: Nozzle Change: Rocket (FLUDD)
-New Suit Skill: Fire Us Up! (Fire)
-New Suit Skill: Finesse Smash (Hammer)
-New Suit Skill: Hammer Launch (Hammer)
-New Suit Skill: Stone Force (Tanooki)
-New Suit Skill: Stone Barrage (Tanooki)
-New Suit Skill: The Force is With Us (Beam)
-New Suit Skill: One with All (Beam)
-New Suit Skill: All with All (Beam)
-New Suit Skill: Cape Spin (Cape)
-New Suit Skill: Tail Wind (Cape)

Fixed Glitches:
-Passability of indoor windows
-Glitch in area outside of Flower Kingom
-Flower Kingdom not healing you when you enter.
-Flower Kingdom cliff passability problem (possibly game breaking)
-Failing the Surfing Bros. Mini-Game
-The "Blooper Cave" (possibly game breaking)

Fixed Typos:
-"All tresspassers must be destoryed"
-"It feels like somethings coming out of me!"
-"So they best they could manage..."
-"I humble myself and this is the response I get!"
-"I'm buring up in here!"
-"Four kings of kooopas?"
-"No, no , no!"
-"And could someone shut that blubbering idiot up."
-"Things really heating up now!"
-"And and the other corner, The.."
-"Two kings of fighting before you're very eyes..."
-"You're confident, I like that.But still..."
-"You, Rawk, my man. What're talking about?"
-"Collect the eggs as the appear.."
-"So you the ones"
-"With with curse"
-"Enjoy you're life"
-"I will the one"
-"There may been something you needed..."
-"Is this some sort of joke?"
-"Do you dare talk back to me!!"
-Healthy Juicebox: "A complicated drink Heals all HP, FP, and ailments."
-Plumber's Uniform: "The basic clothes of a plummer."
-Fire Flower: "Unleash a firey blast on all enimies."
-"Security had to be enhanced after certain people,you, came and stole the Star Rod."
-"I will treasure this momento of my journey here."
-All instances of "With with" in Cursed Boxes
-"You don't why you won't have a future?*"
-"You won't have future cause you're getting cursed, fool!"
-A few instances of double spacing in skill descriptions
-"I've a defeated Bowser on countless ocasions!"


Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages v1.5.3 patch released!

Change Log:

-Blue Nega Orb has been strengthened yet again...

-New Battle Command for Bowser: "Mon Moves"
-New Bowser skill: "Goomba Rush"
-New Bowser skill: "Cosmic Hammer"
-New Bowser skill: "Spin Out"
-New Bowser skill: "Rawk Hawk Romp"
-New Bowser skill: "Ghost Touch"

-New Equipment: Kammy's Pin
-New Equipment: Spinia Pin
-New Equipment: Cosmic Mario Pin
-New Equipment: Boo Pin
-New Equipment: Champion Pin

-"You have to visit the elder" stopping people from leaving the Flower Kingdom

"Enough!! we'll show you the..."
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