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A member of our forum posted their completion stats.
  • udivision
  • Added: 05/02/2011 07:34 PM
  • Last updated: 04/16/2024 04:42 PM


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Wow, ten hours to finish? Not bad at all for an RPG Maker game!
Thanks, I don't know the average length of an RPG Maker game but I had a feeling that Seven Sages was one of the longer ones. Our next game, Starlite Worlds, should be about 20 hours if we include everything that we wan't and if we keep up our pacing.
Yeah, most RPG Maker games are between 3-8 hours or so. I've always assumed that this is because it's difficult for one person to pump out a lengthy RPG on their own.

This game was made by a team though, was it?
Me and my little brother cdivision, yea. Although to be honest, I worked on it alone for 3 years and was only able to produce a 30 minute demo. I let him take over and a year later a 10 hour game was released...
The time for battles can also be added in. If the average battle is about 30 seconds long maybe, and he fought 388, then he roughly had 3.2 hours added on in battles. Something to think about I guess.
have to wonder what those two escapes were
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