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RTP EXPANSION MAY BE REQUIRED: http://rapidshare.com/files/419850720/RTP2.rar.html

Programming, mapping, and story: Deckiller
Graphics and overall influence: Kentona, Mitsuhide, Zeph
Music selection: Deckiller, Edchuy, Dezz123, Orpheus
Characterization: The entire RMN community

Legend of Denadel was my third project; the demo was created in 2010 after playing Hero's Realm and getting to know the insanely active RMN community of the era. After amassing about 2,000 downloads, I took down the demo. I reposted it fairly recently.

The inspiration for this "semi-community game" came from my playthroughs of Hero's Realm and Final Fantasy VI Advance, and also from my work on the Ultima Island community game.

Most of the graphics will be RTP or RTP-oriented; however, I plan to use smaller sprites and classic side-scrolling enemy graphics, like most old-school RPG Maker games.

Gameplay will be classic side-scrolling ATB, though the DBS will be used to its fullest. That I can promise you. There will be a classic level-up system in this game, though I will be throwing some twists in. Dungeons will be a mix of puzzle-oriented and old-school romps.

-=Chapter 1=-

The Kingdom of Denadel is in turmoil! For the first time in a century, the Demons are on the offensive! Demon attacks have been reported in the area of the Wachenta Caverns, and the King of Denadel is extremely worried that it may be the sign of an mass global invasion. But the attacks have been minor thus far, and the King believes that nipping the source of the attacks in the bud will quell the threat before it truly begins. The King has a powerful weapon to cleanse the cave of any demons, but there's a problem.

Those who release the cave-cleansing weapon will almost surely die before escaping. It's a suicide mission!

-=Characters and classes: contribution wanted!=-
Character names and builds have been selected by members of the RMN community and are listed below. If you wish to be in the game and do not have a playable character, you can be included as a monster or NPC.

Class: Infiltrator
Magic: Support
Secondary: Steal
Passives: Dual Wield, AGI+25

Class: Summoner
Magic: Black, White, Support
Secondary: Summon
Passives: Null-Silence, MP Bonus

Class: Magic Swordsman
Magic: Black
Secondary: Enchant Weapon
Passives: Resist-Elements, Augmentation

Class: Medic
Magic: White
Secondary: First Aid (heals all based on half of current HP)
Passives: Auto-Regen, Null-Sleep

Class: Blue Mage
Magic: (Blue)
Secondary: Analyze (See an enemy's HP/stats and learn enemy skills)
Passives: AGI+25, Appraise

Class: Monk
Magic: Support
Secondary: Chi
Passives: AGI+25, Strength-Up

Class: Engineer
Magic: White
Secondary: Tools
Passives: HP Bonus, Null-Blind

Class: Archmage
Magic: Black, White
Secondary: Scrolls
Passives: Null-Silence, MP Bonus

Class: Alchemist
Magic: Support
Secondary: Tonics
Passives: Alchemy, Magic-Up

Class: Priest
Magic: White
Secondary: Divinity (Anti-undead and revival abilities)
Passives: MP Bonus, Null-Silence

Class: Time Mage
Magic: Black, Support
Secondary: Teleport (auto-escape)
Passives: MP Bonus, Null-Silence

Class: Ranger
Magic: White, Support
Secondary: Terrain
Passives: Null-Hazard, Null-Blind

Class: Freelancer
Magic: Black, White, Support
Secondary: Versatility (a variety of simple skills, tools, etc.)
Passives: AGI+25, Stat Bonus (+10 to each stat, extra at level up)

Class: Paladin
Magic: White
Secondary: Bolster (makes party immune to attacks - and unable to act - for a short time)
Passives: HP Bonus, Null-Confuse

Class: Vigilante
Magic: Black
Secondary: Greater Good (deal damage to allies to regain Vigilante's HP and MP)
Passives: HP Bonus, Null-Confuse

Class: Bard
Magic: Support
Secondary: Songs
Passives: AGI+25, Null-Silence


The first demo will encompass all of Chapter 1, and it will probably be released in late summer/early fall. Expect regular updates to the screenshots page.

Latest Blog

Obviously this hasn't been worked on in ages.

Why hide the fact that it's been cancelled? It's 2018. These projects serve as stepping stones for us, and there's no shame in being honest. Sometimes we see them through to completion; other times things just don't work out. I bit off too much than I could chew as a naive 20 year old who was going to school full time AND working full time, and it just fizzled. The demo is pretty good, overall, if unpolished - but was this really going to turn into a 20 hour game?

I still think there is a market for a FF6 version of Hero's Realm, and I still want to reuse these maps, but it will be in a different context and a different medium. Legend of Denadel was a great learning process while I was a noob to RPG Maker and while I wish this project had done great things for the community it unfortunately was not meant to be.

To everyone who believed in me back then, I'm sorry I let you down when it came to completing some of my projects. Things just happened so fast and I ended up doing all sorts of other things in RPG Maker that I was never able to go back to my basic projects (this and Carlsev Saga II).


Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
If there was a bard class, I would demand to be it.
I'm a dog pirate
Hmm....I could always replace one of those with Bard. Maybe Businessman?
There is a Freelancer class. I must fill that spot.
I'm a dog pirate
You got it!
I'm a dog pirate
Thanks guys -- I've updated the list already. Solitayre, if you want the bard class, I'll take out Businessman :)
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Might as well grab Vig. =/

Not sure what you're trying to do here, tbh.
I'm a dog pirate
Okay, I'll put you down for that :)

It's pretty much just going to be an old school RPG, with a bit of an emphasis placed on puzzles. The story will be intentionally cliche and straightforward, though there's a few twists. Each character can have a sidequest (submitted by the character's namesake). I'll post a story intro soon.
I'll ask Dezz if he wants to do this.
Can I has paladin class...
anyways I loved heros realm so this should be good aswell.
I'm a dog pirate
You got it!
Since you've already put down the classes secondary and passive skills, do we still need to brainstorm for more? Whether they be primary (white, black or summons) or otherwise?
I'm a dog pirate
Nope, though you can offer suggestions for changes if you'd like.

Plus, each character will have a sidequest that will have to be brainstormed.
I'd like to be a Time Mage, since Black Mage is already taken.
Haha, just got a PM to check this out.
Archmage, please, seen as Magic Swordsman is gone...
Good luck with this, man.
Oh yeah, whilst I remember, subscribed.
I feel compelled to subscribe to this...

Blue Mage plz.

I was putzing around in photoshop and made this. Feel free to use, abuse or disregard it!
I'm a dog pirate
You are the man, Kentona. I don't have photoshop -- just lousy paint -- so that is REALLY appreciated :)