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Obviously this hasn't been worked on in ages.

Why hide the fact that it's been cancelled? It's 2018. These projects serve as stepping stones for us, and there's no shame in being honest. Sometimes we see them through to completion; other times things just don't work out. I bit off too much than I could chew as a naive 20 year old who was going to school full time AND working full time, and it just fizzled. The demo is pretty good, overall, if unpolished - but was this really going to turn into a 20 hour game?

I still think there is a market for a FF6 version of Hero's Realm, and I still want to reuse these maps, but it will be in a different context and a different medium. Legend of Denadel was a great learning process while I was a noob to RPG Maker and while I wish this project had done great things for the community it unfortunately was not meant to be.

To everyone who believed in me back then, I'm sorry I let you down when it came to completing some of my projects. Things just happened so fast and I ended up doing all sorts of other things in RPG Maker that I was never able to go back to my basic projects (this and Carlsev Saga II).



Sadly, I've lost interest in this project due to many other undertakings. I am certain this game could have been awesome, but I have to move on to other things. However, if someone wants to take over this project, I would be more than happy to give them the game, tools, and run-down of what I had planned This person (or persons) could then do what they want with it!

Any takers?


Demo 2 is back in production!

I've taken some time off RMN Chain Game Chapter 1 to work on Legend of Denadel. Demo 2 won't cover a whole lot of new ground (it will end right before the Swamp Tower dungeon--the centerpiece of Chapter 1), but the content will be more polished. Summons will be introduced! I will take into account the comments made in the reviews, as well as Craze's feedback.

I may also be looking for help for Chapter 2 of LoD. Feel free to inquire here.


Download issue fixed! There were two folders!

I noticed that many of you probably played the wrong version of Legend of Denadel. Don't worry -- I've fixed that issue! The download will now just contain the right version of the demo!

More from Denadel soon -- I promise!


Legend of Denadel put on a (hopefully short) hiatus.


Solitayre has given me a challenge to make Carlsev Saga better.

I accept that challenge.


The Future of Legend of Denadel

...is up in the air, in the wake of the demo. I'm not sure if I should continue on with this project. I want to, but not if there is going to be little interest going forward. If there is still enough interest, I'll wrap up chapter one in the coming weeks and see where we go from there.

Based on the demo, do you think the project is worth continuing?


Legend of Denadel feedback.

Well, the demo's available for download, and I'm sure there are lots of things that can change for the better. That's what this blog is here for! Post all your feedback, both positive and constructive, here. I know it probably didn't meet the extremely high collective expectations, but that doesn't mean it can attain that level at some point.


Legend of Denadel Demo has been submitted

The LoD demo have been submitted and will be up soon. The demo covers the first half of Chapter One, and might be a little rough around the edges, as only two people have tested it. Feedback is welcome; I still have to incorporate a few things like the new tutorial blurbs, but it's mostly a good look at what the first hour and a half of the game will be like.

You should also check out the maker to get a sneak peak at the Swamp Tower, the centerpiece dungeon of Chapter One!


Let's Play Legend of Denadel!

Sound quality is a bit iffy in the first 4 videos, mainly due to my mic. Sorry!


Work has resumed

Work has resumed on Legend of Denadel. I've made some minor tweaks to maps today, and I'll try to bang out a cutscene or two tonight. No timetable as of yet, as I haven't worked on thsi game for weeks. Can't even remember the story, hehe.
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