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Here are some of the formulas I will be using for secondaries in Chapter 1.

First Aid: Divide Ocean's current HP by 3, and then add Ocean's intelligence stat. I.E. Ocean has 300 HP and 100 intelligence. (300 / 3) + 100 = 200 HP healed to party. Recharge lasts 4 actions (monster or ally).

Sacrifice: Party loses HP MP equal to 1/2 and 1/4 of Chaos' maximum totals, respectively. HP reduction cannot kill party members. Chaos gains a full HP and MP restore. Recharge lasts 4 actions.

Summons: Varies. Most summons will feature a base damage total, plus twice Mitsuhide's intelligence, minus half of the enemy's intelligence. This number will fluctuate dramatically depending on individual monsters' weaknesses; for instance, if Shiva is cast against an enemy weak against ice, I will multiply the variable by 3. The battle pages for summons will be tailored for each individual monster; as such, there will be 13 pages for summons alone. In addition to MP cost, all summons will require a brief "summoning" period of 2 to 6 actions.

Steal: Success rate will vary from 10 to 100 percent. Successful steals will result in a short recharge time of 1-2 actions, depending on the value of the item.