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This list is under construction.

-=Black Magic=-

Fire I, II, III - Single-target fire spells.
Inferno I, II, III - Group-target fire spells.
Earth I, II, III - Single-target earth spells.
Quake I, II, III - Group-target air spells.
Wind I, II, III - Single-target air spells.
Tornado I, II, III - Group-target air spells.
Water I, II, III - Single-target water spells.
Deluge I, II, III - Group-target water spells.
Flare I, II, III - Single-target non-elemental spells.
Ruin I, II, III - Group-target non-elemental spells.
Poison - Inflicts poison upon a target.
Blind - Inflicts blind upon a target.
Sleep - Inflicts sleep upon a target.
Silence - Inflicts silence upon a target.
Confuse - Inflicts confusion upon a target.

-=White Magic=-

Cure I, II, III - Single-target HP-healing spells.
Heal I, II, III - Group-target HP-healing spells.
Purify I, II - Cures Poison. Purify II targets entire group.
Sight I, II - Cures Blind. Sight II targets entire group.
Awaken I, II - Cures Sleep. Awaken II targets entire group.
Vox I, II - Cures Silence. Vox II targets entire group.
Realize I, II - Cures Confuse. Realize II targets entire group.
Recover - Single-target spell that cures all status ailments.

-=Support Magic=-
Shield I, II - Doubles defense. Shield II targets entire group.
Barrier I, II - Reduces all elemental damage. Barrier II targets entire group.
Haste I, II - Doubles speed. Barrier II targets entire group.
Slow I, II - Reduces speed by half. Slow II targets entire group.
Meltdown I, II - Reduces defense by half. Meltdown II targets entire group.
Aura I, II - Doubles attack for a short time. Aura II targets entire group.
More to come.

Gilgamesh I - Summon Gilgamesh to perform a pierce attack.
Quezacotl - Summon Quezacotl to perform a bolt-based attack.
Tyle - Summon Tyle to perform a wind-based attack.
Ifrit - Summon Ifrit to perform a fire-based attack.
Shiva - Summon Shiva to perform an ice-based attack.
Wachenta - Summon Wachenta to perform a dark-based attack.
Bismark - Summon Bismark to perform a water-based attack.
Seraphim - Summon Seraphim to heal the party.
Magi Golem - Summon Magi Golem to shield and barrier the party.
Terrato - Summon Terrato to perform an earth-based attack.
Alexander - Summon Alexander to perform a holy-based attack.
Gilgamesh II - Summon Gilgamesh to perform an Odin-style Zantetsuken.
RC - Summon RC to perform a non-elemental attack.