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OK, due to several requests to do this, my team has put together a page listing all the bugs, and the versions they are fixed in. Here it is, will be updated regularly:
V 1.1: Fixes the two "Progress Stopping Bugs" The bug in Naihn's Temple, and the one at the Temple Teleporter. I believe it also fixes small problems with the amount of HP belonging to boss fights (Specifically Nightmare and Set)
V 1.2: Fixed the RTP problem. The RTP is included as a setup application in this download, and every download after it. It also adds signposts, and fixes one or two mapping problems.
V 1.3: This version includes the working Side View Battle system. It fixes a few more maps, and has completely gotten rid of the Practice Puppets.
V 2.0(Coming Soon): This will, when I finish this (It may take a while), fix the majority of the "Detail Curse" mapping problems. It will also fix some of the cheat issues,the lack of weapons and armor, Artys' skillset (And perhaps Aidan's too), and the unbalanced enemies.