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RTP Problems

I have heard from a ton of people, none in the comments, about how I need to include the RTP in the game. I know that this is possible, and easy, on RPG Maker XP, I have no idea how to do this though. I am very busy with the maps, and the next game in the Everguard Saga. So, if anyone could tell me how to do this, I would GREATLY appreciate it!


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Thanks SegNin, I'll try that now. If that doesn't work, I have another way to do it.
If you have WinXP, then the Audio and Graphics folders for the RTP are located here by default:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Enterbrain\RGSS\Standard

Not sure if it's the same if you have Vista or Win7.

If you still can't find it, then do a search for 137-BunnyGirl01 on your computer.

Go to Start > Search > Look In: Local Disk > type in 137-BunnyGirl01 > Search > wait.

Once you find 137-BunnyGirl01, right click on it and choose Open Containing Folder.

Haha, I'm doing around 6 things at once... :P
And thanks. If you want anything changing, just ask.
Wow, thank you. I just PMed back. It looks outstanding! Sorry, I'm multi tasking. I'm looking at some tilesets to decide which one I should use. I swear, I stopped breathing when I saw it awesome work!
Damn computers getting the better of us... Anyways, I just PMed you Everguard :)
You don't look like a fool, lol. Thanks for your advice, my computer is just messed up though.
Oh... no I haven't gotten to that yet. I've been really busy fixing a bug in my next game, and making my Game Gale entry. When the contest is over I'll fix the title screen. And I will be sure to give credit.
Really?, thats odd I just checked and thats exactly where it is on my computer. Oh well I suppose aside from me looking like a fool theres no harm done.
Haha true. Which reminds me... Have you sorted out the title screen yet? If so you should upload the title here.
of, lol had to give credit where credit is due :)
I was actually talking about this:
I have uploaded a new download, Fallen Wings V 1.2, which fixes this problem, thanks to Dezz123.

Yeah, had to put that up so some people knew what to do.
Cool, alright then.
And I noticed the RTP page, lol.
I didn't have RGSS either, I just went with what Dezz123 said and put the setup for the RTP in the download. It is pending right now. Reminder, only some maps have been fixed in the download I'm putting up, the main reason was to fix the RTP.
What Dezz123 said is mostly correct, but I think the actual graphics and audio files (at least for me) seem to be in:
Program Files
Common Files

This is all from memory mind you, so I *may* be wrong. Still, I'm about 90% sure that's how it works.
No, you wouldn't be defying the policies, because the people who set it up are the ones that are agreeing to the terms and conditions, not you.
K thanks, last question (I promise) Enterbrain makes you go through this whole process of agreeing to the terms and conditions of using the RTP. If I give people the RTP setup without going through all the agreement, would I be defying there policies. It's ok if you don't know.
Copy the RTP setup into the game then. :)
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