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RTP Problems

I have heard from a ton of people, none in the comments, about how I need to include the RTP in the game. I know that this is possible, and easy, on RPG Maker XP, I have no idea how to do this though. I am very busy with the maps, and the next game in the Everguard Saga. So, if anyone could tell me how to do this, I would GREATLY appreciate it!


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Really?, thats odd I just checked and thats exactly where it is on my computer. Oh well I suppose aside from me looking like a fool theres no harm done.
Oh... no I haven't gotten to that yet. I've been really busy fixing a bug in my next game, and making my Game Gale entry. When the contest is over I'll fix the title screen. And I will be sure to give credit.
You don't look like a fool, lol. Thanks for your advice, my computer is just messed up though.
Damn computers getting the better of us... Anyways, I just PMed you Everguard :)
Wow, thank you. I just PMed back. It looks outstanding! Sorry, I'm multi tasking. I'm looking at some tilesets to decide which one I should use. I swear, I stopped breathing when I saw it awesome work!
Haha, I'm doing around 6 things at once... :P
And thanks. If you want anything changing, just ask.
If you have WinXP, then the Audio and Graphics folders for the RTP are located here by default:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Enterbrain\RGSS\Standard

Not sure if it's the same if you have Vista or Win7.

If you still can't find it, then do a search for 137-BunnyGirl01 on your computer.

Go to Start > Search > Look In: Local Disk > type in 137-BunnyGirl01 > Search > wait.

Once you find 137-BunnyGirl01, right click on it and choose Open Containing Folder.

Thanks SegNin, I'll try that now. If that doesn't work, I have another way to do it.
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