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Warning: This game does contain dark and disturbing themes including rape and torture. Be warned that it is quite dark and blatant in the depictions of such.

Torturing. Causing pain and suffering. Taking screams and tears from a completely subdued human being.
That's the hobby of people from a community called The Dungeoneers. Dungeoneers have their own private dungeons in their homes (hence the name), to which they take strangers - those naive enough to fall for the dungeoneer's charms.
Members from this community won't settle for just executing their sadistic game. They must show it to other people. For that, they videotape their torture sessions and post it to online forums, to get other member's appreciation and reviews.

BE:D tells the story of Verge, a dungeoneer depressed because he's lost his touch with doing decent videos, and because the love of his life, Daily, couldn't care less about his existence.

BE:D has two distinct gameplay aspects:
--The first one is similar to a Dating Sim, in which you have to approach strangers on the street and seduce them to go home with you, mainly using dialog choices.
--The second one is more like a puzzle, and it consists of setting up your dungeon to torture your victims. Your goal at this stage is making your victim leave the dungeon completely shattered psychologically and physically, but still alive. That's what the Dungeoneers call a Beautiful Escape, and it's the ultimate goal of the torture sessions. You can also get them killed, get them too depressed to leave the dungeon, or even have them leave healthy enough, but your viewers won't appreciate your videos as much. It's all about the delicate balance between too much and not enough.

Gameplay elements are tempered with lots of dialogs and the resolution of Verge's love story.

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After Suzy and freedom, Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer was also translated to korean.

It's worth mentioning that after these translations I started learning korean myself. 한국어가 정말 아름다운 언어입니다!

Recently, a russian translation was also made, which is pretty cool. For some (cultural?) reason, BE:D seems to be very popular in Russian. They even made a russian Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer Wikipedia page!

Coincidentally, this week a fellow Brazilian asked permission to make a Portuguese translation for the game. For some strange reason it bothers me a little (maybe because I should me making this translation myself?), but it's amazing that the game is reaching people from all over the world like that.

Random fun thing: the guy who made the Russian translation mentioned that Verge looks a lot like Eridan Ampora from Homestuck. I didn't even know what Homestuck is but the resemblace is disturbing!

  • Completed
  • calunio
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Adventure Puzzle
  • 05/04/2010 04:19 AM
  • 08/08/2022 09:03 PM
  • 05/17/2010
  • 836160
  • 100
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Lord_Magus: Thanks! Well, it was made in two weeks in a rush for a contest, so that's also a reason for keeping the game short. But the torture minigame could get annoying after too much repetition. I'm glad it leaves that taste of wanting more, though. I have thought of a sequel, it would be something like this, but I don't plan on actually making it.

kumada: the community of the Dungeoneers was indeed a metaphor for an RM community (or online communities in general), but torture definitely was NOT a metaphor for game design. But yeah, it's human condition stuff, that's why I think people can relate.
I've downloaded this and I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth into it!
An avid lover of Heartache 101
@Calunio: Since it was made for a two weeks rush contest, have you considered polishing it further/expanding it considering it's so popular?

Congratulations on winning the prize by the way. You are probably my favorite designer here because you stay off the beaten path and create things which are unique and full of personality.
Thanks a lot Creation!

Nope, haven't considered an expansion. I feel there really isn't anything to add to the game. Some people say it's too short, but the torture mechanics are too repetitive to be repeated more than 5 or 6 times. And the story is complete in itself... and I'd rather put the effort on other projects.
finally i found my mind ready to play this game and i finished it ! Preety nice ending and extra bonuses. Actually its very deep to focus on fear of actuall victim and get note for that by creating traps. genius. I found very interesting in look at functionality of underground of dungeoners - its better organised than hostel movie.. This idea with internet site was a very realistic and creepy This game is really good and could be replayed to get beetter notes for tortures in dungeon. yeah original game and well designed idea to point of fear of victims. This only one game wich containt this idea so yeah its just pure fun.

I think this game is inspirating to make game about some evil/crazy bastards. You are very original creator . I think idea like this could be more wider and more optional but this is still shocking. Are you planning to make another game about crazy person or persons using experience wich you get in this game ? I'm on it you inspired me to explore fears of different persons trough the game. I showed this game some pepoels from Polish and they liked it very much.
Thank you for your kind words!

I think the fact that the game is short is a good thing, so there less time for habituation or desensitization.

All my games are about crazy people, but I try not to repeat myself.
@ Calunio

So, "Venus in furs" and "Hostel" weren't your inspiration. What was it? Game is great and I am interested what inspired you?
Perfume: Story of a Murderer, Sin City, and my own life.
I see.

So, what do you mean - Sin City movie, Sin City books or both? I also have seen Perfume: Story of a Murderer and Sin City movie, but I have never read books.

I'd like to know what events form your life inspired you, but I think that asking for that would be rude :P
Anyway, if you want to share, I am all ears. Private message or here.

While I was playing a game I thought that the website sadforsobbers.com is inspired by snuff movies. Not only torture stuff. I mean that society in the game thinks that all on the website is not real. Snuff movies in real world do something completely opposite - but for sure?
This movies and game both make us ask the question: Wait a minute, this is for real or not?
I can be wrong of course. You are the game maker, afterall.
Mm... rather not talk about my personal life to that extent.

SadForSobbers.com was actually inspired on something else. Something... closer. :D
Sure, I understand.

closer...? What can be closer than movies, which pretend to be real? I think that only documentary films abut murders, rapes ect. Or maybe talking to crime people?

What a riddle! Am I close? Any clues?
@ calunio

So, ale you willing to explain what does "closer" means towards snuff movies?
If you won't I will understand ;)
I meant SadForSobbers is inspired on something closer to our reality, closer than snuff films.
Oh, I understand it now.

But, will you be so kind and write what precisely was an inspiration for SadForSobbers.com? I am very curious about it. Unless you won't to share.

But, maybe SafForSobber.com wasn't inspired on any specific thing, but just feelings ect.? Can you please trough some light on that matter? Or just write that you won't ;)
How do I fix the font? I tried googling for a fix and have no idea what the few suggestions people made are. Looking forward to trying the game but can't while the font is all smudged and pixelated.
How do I fix the font? I tried googling for a fix and have no idea what the few suggestions people made are. Looking forward to trying the game but can't while the font is all smudged and pixelated.

You should be able to right click and install the fonts in the newer versions of windows. On older versions you copy the font files into C:/windows/fonts. If you can't find the font files, they are located here http://www.rpgrevolution.com/rm2003/download/rm2003_fonts.zip

This site also has the font patch http://www.rpgrevolution.com/rm2003/download/
Have you tried something like this?

If you're really desperate I would imagine that installing RPGmaker 2003 on your computer would fix it, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

Random thing I don't think anyone ever noticed: you laugh if you press SHIFT during tortures.

I guess that one was too secret.