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Geo is a non-serious short RPG done in Dragon Warrior/Final Fantasy NES style with a lot of retro and modern gimmicks.

You play as Four Heroes (Who's names, gender and profession went unrecorded by history) in their quest to save the world from a group of rogue High Magi that have turned against the kingdom and have been throwing the planet's elements out of balance.

The king of the northern continents of Parl has issued an order to have the most able bodied Warriors and Knights and Mages and what have you to converge on his castle immediately, in a desperate attempt to combat these traitors before the world is consumed by the Elements.

Geo has a large focus on elemental attributes (obviously), multiple classes (obviously), and Black and White borders on everything.

Latest Blog

So. What's new?

I've really got nothing of worth to show in the past however long (2? 3 months?) I haven't been updating.

Development has grinded to a complete halt as I think of more and more bullshit complicated systems for the game. I have removed almost all of them.

Crafting is staying. (the only cool thing)

Going back to the DBS because I have no patience for a CBS. Maybe next time. (I can dream)

I've been playing WoW and Minecraft and Super Mario Galaxy etc etc and my cursor has wandered over RPG Maker 2003 Goliath only a choice few times.

Anyways. The point of this post. The center of the argument. I'm resuming work on this game within the week (got some stuff to take care of irl first) and also I reverted the color scheme to default because some update broke my colors and nobody could see text.

Sorry to disappoint you with this blog post kentona! Ha ha!

Also expect blog posts soon.
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This game looks pretty good if I do say so myself! I love class selection in games.
I have never played hellion! I probably should.
I have never played hellion! I probably should.

Yes you should.
A "tad bit" cliche sounding, but still, seems like itll be epic.
I'm not sure what you're getting at. This game is 110% original!
I think he's referring to the bit of information at the top of the page that briefly describes the tale: "The world is in CHAOS, and only the FOUR HEROES can save it."

It does sound cliched, but then again what rpg isn't.
Looks promising Zeph, like the style. I cant believe some people hate these nes style graphics (they should know retro graphics look cool). Anyway subscribed, good luck with it mate =]
This is the first game I've subscribed to.
When will this be finished?
We're sorry, you entered an invalid selection. The system does not recognize "Eventually." Please try again.
<-Now----------------------Eventually----------------------End of the World->
Well then, if my calculations are correct, the world is ending in 16 months, so this game will be released in April 2011!
The world didn't end and the game wasn't released. None of your predictions came to pass!... which has only further strengthened my resolve.

Finish this game please.
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