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The worst thing in the world - is when you have to sacrifice something dear to you in order to protect another important thing. And when the world is balancing on the verge of chaos, there can be only one choice...

"Old friend... As a Keeper, I know, you had to do it. But as a human being, I want to curse your sacrifice. And so, I will do what I feel is right. And even if i lose my wings, I will do, what i must"

And so, the white-winged Keeper dives into nothingness. To change the cruel fate, to protect his ideals...

The story goes forty years later. On Island Mer, Zack, Jack and Nelly meet Nain, one of the Cursed Ones, Demons. He passes a message to the Elder of Chard Village. It was a message from Zack's mother, Elanore, who was supposed to be missing. That brings new hope to find her. And so, Zack and his friend begin their adventure through the seas. To find his mother and unravel mysteries about
her disappearance. But there are more than that in the endless seas of world Vail.

Features of DA I:

-100% original maps graphic, made without the use of tilesets (all maps are made by using background pictures)
-Elements of Visual Novel
-Modified rpgm 2003 battle system with new features, such as spell "scan" and Overdrive system (still in progress)
-Voice acting in battles (Voices ripped from Guilty Gear and Melty Blood)
-Bestiary system

And this is not the end...

This is my main project, which was under work for one year already. Several month ago it had undergone a major changes mostly in every aspect. I've made 100% original map graphics, lots of music and improved storyline. So, now I'm looking for a feedback to improve my game.

Latest Blog

Art Completed, time to edit!

So, at this point almost all basic character art is complete (that's obviously, just for the first chapter). What is remaining - minor characters, like Chrad's Elder and four Keepers (except Skay). From this point I'll be adding emotions (several emotions for each character). And I think I'll skip minor characters for now, because they appear only in one scene each and don't get much lines.

What done:
5 main characters
4 Key Characters
2 episodic characters

Hufff... That's a lot... And more are coming in further chapters.

Also I'm still designing overdrive system. Monster overdrive is ready, overdrive for party is still designing.
Also I'm working on alchemy system, which will be really helpfull in the adventures. As soon as I'll develop it, I'll post more details.

That's all for now.
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  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • 05/05/2010 04:58 PM
  • 06/19/2010 07:50 PM
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I'll have to download later, but your pics seem kind of odd, but not necessarily in a bad way. It might have something to do with the combined visual novel with rpg elements. In any case, I really like the pic with the battle, the shining river in the first cave, and the main character's room, because for some reason the sprites really seem to work with the background, but the last pic with the tree and the bridge seems a bit off. Not sure why, though, other than maybe too much going on in the background.
I'll be looking forward to this one
Good game, graphics are nice. I cant wait for the full game. Oh if u can make your Monster book easier to navigate instead of by 1 monster per page. The battle sprites feels like/looks like Golden Sun sprites, which i think is cool
Well, they actually ARE Golden Sun sprites, I just edited the a little))
And Bestiaty... I'll think about it. Maybe it will be made more easier to navigate (if i can think of a way to do that)
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