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MOSTLY done, but not quite!

To be honest, there's probably a few more things I can do with this game. Make certain scenes better, have the wandering NPCs in the Jade HQ have dialog. Stuff like that. However, the essence of the game is done! Which is the most important part!

I have updated both the RTP-inclusve and RTP-dependent versions of the game. Please note that the main download has been set up as the RTP-inclusive version. Now, if you'll excuse me...

*passes out*


Stream of consciousness - Trials

So, part of the plan is that players visit the Dojo of the Dragon Fist, and talk to the Grandmaster. He won't talk to them right away, of course. Players have to pass the trials of spirit, mind, and body. The problem is what these trials actually involve.

The trial of body will probably involve fighting in some way, shape, or form. What, who, or where might be interesting, though. The initial thought was to have players go to the bottom-most level of the Dojo, and fight a battle with a monk. However, I literally just thought of inserting a dungeon into the wasteland area somewhere. Though, wait, wouldn't that just pad the game? Hrm.

I am absolutely horrible at designing puzzles (or I just plain despise doing puzzle set-ups), so the trial of the mind will probably be some kind of knowledge test based on the books that you can read on the top level of the Dojo.

Then there's the trial of the spirit. For full disclosure, I'm having a few issues with this in regards to Oracle of Askigaga as well. I mean, this trial would probably be more metaphysical than anything else, and, to be frank, I'm not sure how I'd go about testing it for either games. Maybe a trial of morality? Hrm. If I go with that idea, I figure there would have to be some kind of setup, or it would just fall apart.

I think, ultimately, I just need to keep things simple for this game. Which probably means my initial thought about fighting the monk for the trial of the body is going to happen. I'm probably okay with the ideation I have of the trial of the mind. Still not sure about the temple trial of the spirit, though. Huh. I just realized that players would have access to Jobito and Dark Forest again. Maybe, I could do something with those?



So, I completed my new year's resolution of "get a demo out for Oracle of Askigaga". However, there's still most of the year left, and there's still the small matter of me having three "on haitus" games. Make that four, thanks to Myriad Cypher, which will probably be worked on intermittently. Anyway, I'd like to see at least one of those three other games see the light of completion before year's end!

There was a small debate over whither I should return to this game, or Konae's Investigations. To be fair, Konae has been on haitus for waaaaaay to long for it's own good. However, this seemed like an easier project to work with. Thus, the change from "haitus" to "production"!


What's coming

Perhaps thanks to a bit of galvanization from flapbat's review, but, I guess I'm working on this still! A few dev-notes, and thoughts, in my typical stream-of-consciousness nature.

One of the things I'll be doing is getting a scene into the Jade HQ showcasing Kazuto and Miho being separated. I wasn't really planning on a particularly emotional departure, but I should at least attempt to keep in mind that the two are friends (and no more than that).

I'm kinda thinking of removing Blind as a status condition altogether, to be honest. It only affects normal physical attacks, which, seems a bit narrow in it's use.

I should put some treasure chests in the wasteland. Probably take out an oasis, or two.

So, I did a speed-stat check on Assassins versus an average level 6 character. With the equipment available to the player, a level 6 character would have 57 SPD. Assassins, which are supposed to be level 3, have a 50 SPD. 50 SPD, by the way, is what a level 3 character would typically have with equipment. Now, I am aware that the stat curve was built so that there would be larger gains at higher levels, so there only being a seven-point difference seems fair to me. Though, there might be the small point about the "with equipment" part. I dunno. It just seems weird to include equipment for calculations involving STR, DEF, INT, HP and MP, but not with SPD. Could be just me.

I kinda have to wonder if I will allow players to return to Jade HQ after Miho rejoins after the five-year gap. Would Miho stop Kazuto, and be like, "Hey, the Dragon Fist is to the South!" Possibly. Or, I could let them through, and feasibly do something that, now that I think about it, might seem a bit out-of-character for Kazuto. Though, it would be a player-choice. Hrmm.


Have download, might travel

So, I have a new download for you to play, though, I must admit, there's a bit of experimentation with this one. A few notes on that.

  • Random encounters

I set encounters to be random rather than on-touch situations. However, I am not using the base RNG that the engine uses (or touched the scripting for it), nor am I using the "encounter table". The RNG has been moved into a parallel processes on maps where encounters can occur, and calling upon a Common Event to generate the actual encounter fought.

The map for the wasteland is not ready at this time. While I could leave it out, and let players get to places as per the previous demo, it was deemed untrue to the experience that players would have of the game. This means that the game effectively ends after hitting the five-year gap. Not that leaving it the way it was would have made that much of a difference. Still, I figure it's something potential players playtesters would like to know.

This release, I must admit, is more about collecting feedback about this random encounter system that I have implemented. That's not to say that I wouldn't appreciate feedback in other areas, but, I don't think there is much else going for this particular incarnation of this game?


Now that I'm more calm...

I know the existence of a bug in the current demo. It's not a huge issue, and could probably be rectified in a matter of moments. The demo could probably use a re-balancing in respect to the first boss too. However, there is the small point of there still not being all that much game to be had. The idea MakioKuta had of having players physically traverse the wasteland area (rather than skipping it) is certainly an idea worth considering.

Now that I think about it, I may want to re-consider how the world map functions as a whole. It used to be a collection of linked maps, kinda like how Matsumori Days was set up. A traversal of the wasteland might be better suited under such circumstances. As for encounters on the world map, I think they might need to exist. I would probably be consistent, and stick with on-touch encounters. The ones for the Jobito sub-area might need to change after the five-year gap, but that shouldn't be a huge issue. Well, at least as long as I actually make the check on the appropriate switch on the appropriate event-page! Geeze.

Saying that, I have no idea when I'm going to get around to doing anything with this project! There is a small voice that tells me to just let this die again. Which, I admit, is pretty tempting with both Konae and Oracle still hanging over my head, let me tell you what. I dunno. I guess, I'll leave it on haitus on the vague off-chance that I actually do come back to this. Though, using the wording "vague off-chance" probably speaks volumes about what I think my chances actually are.


What time is it? Demo time!

So, I just finished uploading a really stupid-short demo of this game. As per my usual demo uploads, this will require the associated engines's run-time package. In this case, VX's. I'd like to get some feedback for this (Hence, tagging this as a "request" blog), even if it's something on the order of "It's too short to determine anything". I would appreciate feedback before the Revive the Dead event concludes, but, if circumstances dictate otherwise, that's okay too.

A few notes for those interested:

Last time I played this, it took 10 minutes. Of course, I KNOW STUFF, and I've inserted a few more things since then. However, I doubt play time will deviate all that much?

There's a bit more commentary in places after recruiting Miho. Particularly when attempting to access areas that are not covered by this demo.

Progress Report

Let us start.


I have all the maps I'll need for a while. Maybe they could use some sprucing up, but I can leave those concerns for later. I'm not touching the skill database. So, the things I get to work on now are enemies, and dialog? Exactly! Even now, I'm preparing to set up the fight with Matsuda and Tomika, and generally getting the opening sequence into the game before players get whisked off to become Kazuto.

The hope is that the demo will be up to the Proving Cave (or whatever I'm actually going to call it). I figure it just being the Matsuda/Tomika fight would be dumb, and not particularly representative of what the game could offer. How soon will it be before it's ready to be tested, or whatever? I'm going to approximate a week, but, we'll see how things fall into place. I'll certainly make a post when things are ready! Maybe a status as well for a bit more visibility. I dunno. I get the particular impression this game is very much under-the-radar since there's much better games out there. Not to mention how long this page has been dead.

Game Design

Stream of consiousness - Reviving the Dead?

It has been some time since I even bothered with this game, or with this page. Heck, I put this thing on "cancelled" (and included it on the equally-cancelled game Hall of Lost Souls), as I found it unlikely, if not outright impossible, that I'd ever come back to it. Then, the Halloween event of the year happened, and is making a few gears turn. If I want to "make it" for the event, though, I'm on quite the time-budget. However, allow me to share a few thoughts.

Story-wise, I'm pretty sure I want to skip the prologue with Matsuda. Players don't really need to see that, even if "You... you wanted to be defeated?" is something of a Crowning Moment of Awesome (for me). I'm even half-tempted to skip over the Jobito section of the game. I dunno. I know that, if I skip over Jobito, the exchanges between Kazuto and Miho would have would probably be a lot like the exchanges between Sataro and Mina in Arbiters From Another World. As for Saya and Takuya? They kinda feel like token party members at best. I could see me relegating Saya to NPC status, but, I'm not too sure about doing the same to Takuya.

Then there's the game-balance. Now, I'm not sure how the original Legacy was balanced, but, the balance for Legacy Reborn was terrible. I'm not sure if I've ever done game-balance "right". Maybe, maybe in Okiku, Star Apprentice, but, I cannot see how I can apply what I did there to this. Not immediately, anyway.

Then there's the mapping. Darigaaz, the mapping! If there is anything that makes me want to leave this game in it's grave, it's this. I'm probably going to cut areas, but, I'm figuring, there's still a significant number of areas to map, and they all have to be done from pretty much scratch.


Mapping and going on hiatus

I have, at the very least, a vague idea of what I want this game to look like. However, mapping is my worst enemy. It probably doesn't help that I don't have a very good sense of what makes a map good. As a research effort, I've downloaded RMN's answer to everything (read: Hero's Realm) as an attempt to observe what makes it RMN's answer to everything.

I have no doubt that I will have to play the game to dissect as much information as possible. That could mean a month or two just to play the game. In the end, that means this project will go into hiatus. I hate having both of my projects on hiatus, but I really need to work on mapping in general.
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