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FYI: GAME HAS 20 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY!!! So, I'd say it's rather large for an RM2K3 standard. YAY!

Story/Setting: The land of Ebon has seen it's share of wars, in Ancient times (000 - 850) It was the Celestean Empire that gained much of the Faloran Islands and the Shanard Coast, waging war and wining against many of they're rival contries, this war was known as the First Island War. It ended when times grew harsh for the Empire and the Economy was not stable enough for the large army and navy the Celestean Empire massed and desintion grew. The government was eventually overthrown and several new contries rose from it's ashes. The Faloran Islands was given back to the people of Falora, and a loosly organised Island State Repulic grew. To the Far East it was the Alenticean Magistrate, a Monarchy, to the North East, the Kingdom of Noa which was a Free Republic City States. To the South of Alenticea lay the Uncharted Shanard Coastal Plains, which was home to many tribal people. To the Far East lay what remained of the Celestean Empire, though still refered to as an empire it lacked much of the power it use to hold. It's remaining Monarchs fighting in an endless civil war that still last's today. Finaly Further South lay a rich land of economy and resource, the Merchant Kingdoms of Kursk.

During the year 863 many major and minor kingdoms and governments were allied in one protection pack or another, they did so mostly out of fear that another empire may rise up and invade. This was done with good intentions in mind, but as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. All was needed was a simple spark, to spur yet another Island War. It was during this time that the Celestean Empire and Alenticea were allied together, and during the signing of the protection treaty the much beloved Duke Wesin was murdered. It was latter found out that a small boy from Falora poisoned him just shortly after signing the protection pack because of his political views. This was all that was needed to launch a war on Falora. Fingers pointing was established, accusations were made but in the end it was Falora that was blamed for the assassination. Of course Falora was allied with Noa and Noa was with Kursk and thus war with all major nations was at hand. The war lasted 10 long years, and in the end Alenticea and Celestean lost ground. The old saying goes, history is written by the victors, this was true in this case as well. There was a war trial held after the war, and it seemed that the trial itself was fixed. They charged Alenticea for starting the war (the first attack was ordered by Alenticea) and huge penalties were placed upon the government.
Alenticea was forced to pay compensation, give up land, resources, and was only allowed a small army to field. These were dark times for it's people to endure, for they were now faced with a national debt, and a recession unlike they have ever had to face.

The year is now 904 (Clasical Era) and a new king has put himself into power in Alenticea, he renamed the country as the Alenticean Empire. He stoped debt by citing that the war trials were rigged in the first place and refused to pay the debt placed upon his people. To inspire pride among Alenticean people, he built a huge modern (Modern for the time mind you) army using new concepts and new technology recently discovered. As the Empire the new king built grew, so to did the territory he took. He ordered his generals to retake the Coastal cities that were lost in the previous war, and stated that it belonged to the people of Alenticea, not some puppet government. Other governments paid little head to Alenticean actions at the time. The reasons for this differ from country to country, for some, it was because they were dealing with tough economic times, for others, they felt it wasn't their problem, and for the rest, they tired of war. Whatever the reasons, Alenticea became a super power over night and was free to do as it pleased. Though, this changed quickly when the armies of Alent crossed over into Falora, invading one island after another. Several governments were outraged, declarations of war were sprouting all over the world of Ebon, and another, yet more destructive war broke out. It is here where we start our story, it is here where the world of Ebon's fate is decided. It all rest's in the hands of one man, who is running from himself.

Name: Kain
Info: The main character in the story, he's been through a lot, and is about to go through a whole lot more. He tries his best to keep his past to himself, even if he is being pestered by Kelly. His main goal is to pack up and get as far away from his homeland as possible, but as you will see in the game, that goal is a far from obtainable.

Name: Kelly
Info: Her roll in the story has been purely coincidental for Kain. She was found in trouble, in which our hero, Kain sprang to the rescue. After which she was latter revealed to have been decived by Lady Hellen, a woman who has darker motives.

Name: Dusty
Info: He's a carefree member of the Iron Fist rebelion. One of the best scouts and an even greater friend to Kain. The two of them have been through thick and thin through there lives. Encoutered near death situations, and epic battles of enormus poportions. Even through all this, Dusty still keeps his smug, cheerfull attitude, even if Kain doesn't feel like dealing with it.


Some of you may have seen Falora in the NEW INTRO I've posted. (she's on the ship off to your right) I've built a Battle Set for her FROM SCRATCH, which was a pain and a half to do, but I did it! YAY! If you don't want a spoiler than DO NOT LOOK BELOW AT HER INFO.

Name: Falora
Info: She is actually Princesess Falora and is engaged to be married to the Prince of Alenticea. The marrage is mostly a political one and not everyone is happy over this. Though she agreed to do so to end the rebelion and the infighting the occupation of Alenticean force's have caused. This is also to install a puppet government inside Falora itself and keep the monarchy as a figure head.


Name: RaeZuse
Info: Leader of the Washue Tribe located in the Uncharted Shanard Coastal Plains. He and his tribe usually trade with Estard but because of the war and the state of the world, he sets out with a few of his people to see if he can bring an end to this war.


Name: Oval
Info: He is the youngest son of RaeZuse, and a very accomplised marksman. He sneaks aboard his fathers ship to help his father, and is willing to do so in the shadows and unknowingly to his father.


Name: Prince Quinn
Info: He is the last remaining Prince of the Celestean Empire and a political unknown. He is skilled with the 'ladies' and living the high life as he calls it. Though care's little of his home or his political status.


Name: Shun Tzun
Info: Not much is known of this assasin except that he is quite deadly and is willing to do anything for money.


WEASLEX COMENTARY: The only FF thing I used in combination with another monsterset that I forget the name to. Note, this IS an RM2K3 game but I have XP BG's for the battles because I like them and I think they are cool. That and they seem to fit graphicly with the rest of the game itself. This took me a few day's to modify so that they all fit and have the correct color skeem. Alot of work actually went in to the battle system alone, even if it doesn't look like it, you more or less HEAR the differance because I've used a random Battle Music Genorator. This too took me a day's worth of work finding the correct music, which sounds simalar but there are big differances in the beat, tone, speed, and different instruments as well... Basicly, they sound alike, but they are very different at the same time... You just have to listen to the differance when the demo comes out.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: I thought that since I'm using Theodore Ikebukuro's Chip set's, the least I can do is mention him and congradulate him on such a massive job he's done. Though I'm sure he doesn't know about Ebon Scape and probably never will, he still deserve's a huge amount of credit for this game because with out his Chipsets (tilesets in XP terms) I could never build such a wonderful and soon to be massive game such as Ebon Scape. Very few artist's have come as close as he has in skill, and I give a small tribute by crediting him where credit is due and submit a link to his site.

Though he has helped the RM2K community by letting us use his chipsets and character sets, he no longer has his set's on his site... In fact only Gaming World has links to his stuff.



(All fields in music are closed due to uploader down)



*Note: List of files include: Q and A from members at RRR, a Read me file showing the progress of the game thus far and personal thoughts ect, never before seen screen shots, wallpaper, and finally the Bonus INTRO with RTP included. This will only be available till Dec/15/09 thus it's limited, get it while you can, cause once it's gone, it's gone.

DEMO: v0.81 @opper
Download Links:
MAIN: http://www.mediafire.com/?akrssgmaqu1rg9o
Max size: 58.5 megs
Play time: 15-25 hours
Description: Finally, a workable Demo is available to the public. V0.81 has some minor tweeks to many things that were brought up in the review, including but not limited to:

- Save Points are now more numerous and will be seen before a boss battle, which is convenient.
- Minor exp tweeks have been made to make the game a little easier. Still, some grinding required, so keep that in mind.
- HP for some boss's have been tweeked to make them easier to kill, still, Karn and Tristan will be hard foe's so keep that in mind, you will need to stock up on potions and ammo clips for these fights. Others will be easier and also, different with a few surprises here and there to keep things fresh.
- Demo End has been built, if you can't reach it due to some game ending bug, please, give me a heads up so I can fix this right away.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

-Furthermore, all chipsets as well as several object charactersets, and the majority of the Battle Back Drops are of sole property of Theodore Ikebukuro and is granted all rights there of. Any said resources taken from this game should be given credit to Theodore Ikebukuro. A list of his work will be provided in Ebon Scapes End Credits.

- Any rips found in this game are owned by Square Enix and all legal rights of the use of those rips are granted to them.

- If any work has not been given credit where credit is do, the Author, (WeasleX), has sole rights to modify the credits of Ebon Scape and does not give permission of anyone to modify the credits in anyway shape or form. If ones work is shown up in Ebon Scape email WeasleX at: evolution.400@hotmail.com OR PM WeasleX at RRR. List the name, a brief discription of said resource, a way to contact you (email or an Rpg Rpg Revolution account is fine) , and either you're online name or real name and WeasleX will personally see to it that credit is given where credit is due.

Latest Blog

Project MERC


Well, since I've decided that this long demo is near completion, I can either build a sequel to Ebon Scape or work on a new project. That's right, after 3 years of work, I'm gonna call it, Ebon Scape, The Beginning of the End, is completed. All I need to do is beta test the crud out of the last 3 hours, maybe add a cliff hanger or two and move on. Which, again brings me with what to do next... Build a sequel, (because there's still much work of the story that needs to be done, I can't leave it where I have left it, I just can't). OR, work on my Sci Fi Project....

Okay, I'm gonna level with everyone, here, Ebon Scape is great, I want to work more on it but... well... I'm getting more and more excited about my latest Sci Fi Project that I'm putting together. I'm literally running on Coffee steam because I'm only getting 3 to 5 hours of sleep. I'm so excited on working on this new project I'm losing sleep. This new project, is by far, not new, it's been in the works since I was a noob, (back in RPG MAKER 95.) Though I kept putting it by the wayside because I never had decent graphical resources to put it together. That recently changed as I came upon some very nice city resources, and some new ideas to implement chipsets. So, with old ideas that I've had since 95, along with graphic and MP3 resources, I'm taking the steps to work on this new project.


Well... I can't give too many screen shots, nor can I talk about the project too much, it's still at the beginning stages and I don't have much in the way of story. If I do talk about the story at this point, it would be moot because it will most likely change as I'm still playing with ideas. What I can say is it's going to be similar game play wise to Mega-traveler, if anyone's ever played that game before, you'll know that its a space Sci-Fi adventure. Story wise, and graphic wise, it will be very different, so don't expect this game to be like Mega-traveler, I don't like making fan based games, and Project MERC is no exception.

I'm toying with the idea of having the same inventory system that Mega-Traveler has, but again... this can change, but it looks nice and I think I really want to do it. Other than that I'll submit some ROUGH ROUGH concept ideas, keep in mind, NONE OF THESE ARE FINAL, things will most likely change, as I am going to be adding frames to some of these, or enhancing others... or even changing colors. Though feedback on these are always nice... and since this is rough draft, please, I know my spelling sucks, I polish those minor spelling/grammer errors over in final cuts.

Screenys YAY!!!

Gun Hazard pic. Most, if not all rips are from Spriters, but modded by me for use in RM2K3.

YES, I KNOW I CANT SPELL, but this is an idea I'm toying with for a custom menu system. I'm going to be changing all the command and sub command names, so what you see here will be a bit different in-game.

I need to add a frame over this, but the concept is still there. Again, this will look very different after I add the frame, but the concept is generally the same.

SOoooo... what about Ebon Scape?

Still being worked on, it WILL NOT BE SWITCHED TO HIATUS because it's not, in fact, its very near completed. Thus I'm going to switch the status on it to completed soon when I add the next version. Yes, there will be a part two, and yes, I am currently working on Part 2, since I have a fan base for Ebon Scape on RRR, and hopefully on RMN, I will not drop this project. I can promise that it won't take 3 years this time around to make part 2, and I'm already working on idea's of what needs to be worked on, what needs re-mapped, and where to begin the next story. So just give me time, and I'll have a rough cut ready by the beginning of next year. Hopefully, it will have +15 hours of gameplay as well, and feature the same cast as well as some new playable characters, and a party switching system. (Which IS in the works) Keep an eye on future blogs to get News, events, bonus fan stuff (for free of course), screenshots, and updates as the game progresses.

What do I want from the next version of Ebon Scape?

- +5 more hours of gameplay, if I can get that, I will be a very happy camper.

- A cliff hanger is in the works, to have people pine for Part 2.
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Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
You should use the game page function to divide up all this information! Like a page for characters, etc.

Also you should really upload this game onto RMN, File sharing sites have a nasty habit of blowing up your downloads periodically.
Why did nobody see this? Looks like a very polished game! Keeping an eye on it~

I just submitted it to RMN, it's actually been downloaded over 4000 times at RRR though, so it's not exactly a new project. And yes, it is very polished, Beta tested quite a few times, though... I can't gurentee that the last 3 hours will be equally polished... Still working on debuging the last half. Still, I think you SHOULD reach the demo end... Though I'm thinking of calling this a full game and just calling the demo end, "Part One END"

If you missed the DOWNLOAD LINK, here it is: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NQI8ISGS

You should use the game page function to divide up all this information! Like a page for characters, etc.

Working on it, though I'm just glad the submission finally went through. XD
SUBSCRIBED. This looks amazing!
Okay, a small bump, I do apologize to the powers that be. Though I do have a small announcement to make. I just submitted a Download for the game, until then, just look at the blog, the Download is there, near the bottom portion.

I will be reorganizing this game blog soon so it looks a bit more decent, though that won't fall through for a few days. So just bear with how the blog looks for now
Dude, this game looks freaking tight! Downloading now!!
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
I think all the screenshots look good except for the "wallpaper" which looks godawful because of that font.

I am so tired of Rudra's though.

Every 2k3 game uses Rudra's.

If REFMAP is the new RTP then Rudra's is the new REFMAP (I DON'T KNOW OKAY I USE VX).

Rudra's just needs to go away.


This is my favorite image. Great use of depth...foreground/ground/background. It just looks so refreshingly rich.
Yes! It's here! XD
Subscribed AND downloading...
Well, time to check this one out.
Looks good.

I like long projects, being that I made 453423212 of them, so I can't wait to check this out *downloads*
I think all the screenshots look good except for the "wallpaper" which looks godawful because of that font.

I am so tired of Rudra's though.

Every 2k3 game uses Rudra's.

If REFMAP is the new RTP then Rudra's is the new REFMAP (I DON'T KNOW OKAY I USE VX).

Rudra's just needs to go away.


This is my favorite image. Great use of depth...foreground/ground/background. It just looks so refreshingly rich.

It's a necessary evil, I needed something to work with my gun system, while at the same time scale with Teddy Ikebukro's chipsets, there are very few choices and Rudra is very easy to mod, so I picked those. Besides, this game was 3 years in the works, during that time, few people USED Rudra.
One thing I'm a little confused about is why Kelly's battle character doesn't match her original character. One is blonde and the other had red hair....
One thing I'm a little confused about is why Kelly's battle character doesn't match her original character. One is blonde and the other had red hair....

Yeah, a color scheme was a bit messed up, it's something I'm working on in the final version.
One thing I will tell you now...I thought that intro was totally epic. It was cool seeing scenes that would happen later; however, what really sealed the deal was that song. I've been listening to that song a hundred times now, it's beautiful (and really fits the mood of the intro). There aren't very many RM game intros that really knock my socks off, but yours stands among the few that have. Kudos, my friend.
A fantastically well developed game. I enjoyed playing it. I had one problem, though: There were more than a few grammatical and spelling mistakes. Now, I know this seems picky, but I'm a stickler when it comes to grammar and spelling, ESPECIALLY in video games. However, that didn't stop it from being a simply fantastic game. Keep up the good work!
I didn't really like the version of that Suikoden song you used for the intro, but the visuals were pretty good. I haven't played much yet, but the grammar is killing me. Since the rest of the game seems to be pretty exceptional, you should really look into fixing that. You wouldn't want to have a great game with good presentation and then have atrocious grammar and spelling. It just takes you right out of the story.

Besides that, I've been having fun with it. I'll keep playing and I'll give you more of my thoughts later.

One thing I learned in High School and College (Minored in English) is that grammar does not apply to people talking. It applies to written words on a page, or in a book, but the rules are thrown out when that person is talking, or when it's in quotes. With that said, yes, grammar could be better, but when talking, if you need to add personality, grammar does not apply. So, you could say, some grammar was done wrong on purpose due to that fact alone.

As for spelling, yes I completely agree with you, I never claimed I could spell, and I will be working on my spelling in the final cut.

As for the intro song, I used it because I have another version of it and was planning on using it for the sequel. It's a good song, but not everyone's into it, and I can understand that. I won't change it, but I understand it.
I know grammar isn't really taken into account when there's dialogue. Hell, some people find it hard reading Irvine Welsh novels because of the way he writes the dialect for Scottish accents.

What I'm talking about is the way you write your sentences whether it be the dialogue or not. The actual content of the writing itself is passable, but the apostrophe and comma usage is terrible. I know it isn't a big deal for most people, but it really does hurt the presentation aspect of this game.

I have to agree with blueperiod, it is pretty off-putting. That and the walking speed are probably my two biggest gripes with the game. Please for the love of god increase the walking speed to the default!
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