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CHAOS SAGA is a project I've been planning for a while now. Although I have only just started the project in RPG MAKER a few weeks ago, I have actually been planning the story and items since the beginning of the year. I thought the story would work out better than my last one if I planned long in advance, but I was itching to get started so.... its not completely planned yet.... The games is mostly a linear experience, with battles and several puzzles, but I have done my best at making the game non-linear without distorting the value of the linear storyline. You will find many extra dungeons, quests and guilds to get secret and better weapons, but also to make the characters journey more customizable

Estimated Length:
8-10 Chapters
20 hours of pure storyline gameplay
10 extra hours of all side-content (quests, dungeons, characters etc)

more will be edited in soon....

-Sideview battle system
-Engaging storyline, told from four different perspectives
-Unique skills, and tons of armour, weapons and items
-Heaps of side-content, from arm-wrestling to guild organisations
-Many different characters
-diverse environments, from snowy mountains to vampire-ridden forests to harsh deserts
-suitable music taken from many different sources

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Cool. I'll be awaiting a demo.
Seems interesting, I'd love to see a demo soon. :)
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