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Due to my increase in skill level and the fact that abyss was written event by event with no real plot line or story I am cancelling it to start work on my next rpg with scripts I have written myself more custom graphics and a real story, however the job system and level up system will remain and the live enemies with improved AI's will also remain.
PRESS "A" key to access the menu
Think and fight your way through the 2 worlds of abyss try and find as many allies as possible well saving your world and the strange one that you have been brought to. Its the story of a Peace Keeper in basic training who never made it to his first mission but instead stumbled onto the most important mission... Save both worlds!

Abyss1.1 pretty sure all glitches with the menus and encounters are fixed if anyone gets stuck in an enemy respawn please let me know
Download here. http://www.mediafire.com/file/1gew4nqzlwm/Abyss1.2.zip

If you would like to get more up to date news and know the solo author of Abyss than feel free to follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/NealCros

Latest Blog

1.2 Completed

Hey 1.2 is done Soooo many fixes and all the math for the stats has been fixed elements hastes slows etc play a huge part in this game now increased difficulty no more atack mashing
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  • 05/10/2010 05:30 PM
  • 07/24/2017 04:00 AM
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You the practice of self-promotion
I am glad you got your game accepted. Nevermind the comments that were made on your forum topic post. Welcome to RMN!
Thank you edchuy. I hope i get a few downloads from my game this is not anything series for me its just a hobby something to do in my spare time until ffxiv comes out lol
Imma give this a download. Looks great.
Thank you very much. I appreciate all of the enthusiasm i have been getting on this website rpgmaker.net get a thumbs up from me :)
Please let me know what i need to work on or glitches/typos to repair and dont forget to vote
the dl works but installing to the pc has an Extract Failed (does it after game.rgss2a file) so it can't be played cause the install process doesn't complete
can u make a zip of it or fix the install
Looks really cool! I'm subscribing and downloading! As edchuy said welcome to RMN!
Ok i will make it a .zip off to work now expect .zip file up in 6-8hours
Ok! the zip file is done i had enough time its being uploaded as we speak
Now it works, thx very much. Now i can play it and see how good it is.
I play rpg games (good at them too) i want to make an rpg but not egough money (buy the rpgmaker kit) to do it. mostly thats all i do with this RMN site is to DL RPG games.
ALRIGHT! thanks to some great feedback I have done some "repairs" made enemy sprites more matchy to the battlers and also given the user more direction a new title screen and extended game length by another 30min as well as a new character and class expect update tommorow!
Wow that file got smaller... :O
70mb gone...?
major problem with skills!
Can learn them and use them out of battle. but while in ballte it wont let me use them
Just want to let you know about that problem
ohhh sorry cdgamer i havent implimented the slots tutorial, but if you look in your menu you have to equip a skill after learning it because you can only have so many at a time since the job system is immense, just redownload there are ALOT of changes and fixes kk =)
cdgamer there is one real major problem and i have included the project file in the download this time because when you defeat a monster if you press the action button when it is still on you, you get stuck in the respawn wait of 2min :(

Edit-----Fixed it im stupid lol! update soon
cdgamer there is one real major problem and i have included the project file in the download this time because when you defeat a monster if you press the action button when it is still on you, you get stuck in the respawn wait of 2min :(

Edit-----Fixed it im stupid lol! update soon

hey its ur first game all im trying to do is help you with it.
Plus when the 2min problems was a pain it even didnt let me open the menu hopefully that works as well now.
if u need any ideas you can ask me.
thanks and the help is appreciated =D new download is going to be up in a few hours 1.2 and the enemy spawn glitch is fixed i had the event set to below hero activated by action button instead of over hero wait 999 parallel process
I played it for a bit. I managed to figure out almost everything about the level up systems on my own. One thing however eludes me, what does the bottom three stats do?

Anyway, I put all points into defense at start since that's a stat you can safely spend on. This worked out just fine. I started to check if spirit is a worthwhile stat since it often isn't in a VX game. Enterbrain made a complete dick move and gave the sample spells a Spirit-F of 30 which is basically the "I hate spirit so let's make that stat near useless" setting. Unfortunately, a lot of VX users will stick to that setting not knowing it essentially makes spirit useless. For that reason I have learned not to spend points on spirit until I can confirm the points wont be a waste.

I intended to save up some points and make tests both with the points unspent and spent on spirit to see whether or not it makes any difference. However, I soon found out I didn't even have to do any tests,I could just press shift and a nice window just tells me what stats you gave your skills. Unfortunately, you did give spells a Spirit-F of 30. They need to have a Spirit-F of at least 100 to make spirit useful. Even then spirit can't really compete with Attack. You may even have to set Spirit-F all the way to 200 to make it as useful as attack.

Sometimes during battles two characters/enemies would act simultaneously with the effect of only the latter's action having any effect. For example, the catgirl used backstabb while an enemy attacked and her backstabb would do no damage. After that the catgirl spent the rest of the battle facing the wrong direction.

Currently, I'm in an endlessly looping desert and I have no idea where to go.

On a positive note, the job and level up system does look fun if it only were properly balanced. Currently it isn't however.
Hey im currently working on Demo1.2 it is being uploaded right now... check back soon ill fix that and update again desert is end of demo
I'm getting a stack level error as soon as my character levels up. It only happens if I start a new game, when I reloaded a saved game they could level up just fine.
whoa crazy Debuging right now, no sign of your error i cant get it to show up for me perhaps a print screen?
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