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A complete game just out of the blue?

  • DFalcon
  • 05/13/2010 08:50 PM
This is actually a slight interface update to a game I made a couple years ago and posted on Kongregate. (While I updated that version too just now, their video ads are now enough to make the game skip frames on occasion on my computer. That totally ruins a game as dependent on smooth controls as this, so I'm hesitant to recommend playing it there.) I was kind of taking some time off from the RM community at the time, so I never mentioned it here, or really anywhere, and it died in obscurity.

Anyway, it's not very flashy but I still enjoy the gameplay. I hope with the smarter choices of control buttons and efforts to make a couple things slightly more intuitive this will go over a little better this time around. If not, well, I'm sure I'll get at least some useful feedback.