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My name is Princess Monica Logelin; the eldest of the two children born to the Logelin Kingdom. Since my younger brother is a boy, he is the one destined to take the throne and be King. So, what did that leave for me? To train hard to be a proper lady so that maybe one day I could be married off to another kingdom's Prince. Essentially, my only goal in life was to be a Queen.
I was tired of a life like that.

I had slept through my studies a lot, but that day I took my defiance a few steps further than ever before. Under the guise of taking a break, I'd gotten myself away from Madam Appleby's boring studies and on my way towards my ultimate goal for the day!
To go on a date!

Of course, I'd need to find myself the right man for the deed first!


Originally created for Game Gale, Castle Chase is a short adventure style game in which you explore Castle Logelin and gather items which might help you woo your potential date. The deluxe edition has worked towards fixing the bugs and flaws of the original release as well as adding new content: two new endings, several variations of existing endings, and more.


Multiple Endings
During the course of the game, the player will be faced with many options in order to help Monica pick her date for the evening. Castle Chase has a total of ten different endings that can be achieved in a variety of ways! Will Monica end up with the man of her dreams or will she be forced to be with someone against her will? It's up to you to decide!

Hint Babes
Running around in circles and you don't know what to do? Found a neat item, but you can't imagine what it might be for? Your greatest resource is right there with you within Castle Logelin's walls! The servant girls love to gossip, and know a lot about what's going on in the castle at each turn of the game. Talk to them or show them your items for helpful hints and tips, however don't think you can rely on them for everything. Some endings you're just going to have to find for yourself!

System + Bonus
New to the Deluxe version of Castle Chase is a way to track how many endings you've completed by saving a general system data. Also new to deluxe is a Bonus menu featuring lots of information about the game's characters and more unlocked as you play the game! Be sure to hang onto your system data, because it can later be transferred to the sequel game "Castle Chase 2: Hahm Kingdom's Ploy (working title)" to alter the game play based on your decisions. Unlock as much of Castle Chase as you can to enrich your experiences later in the series!

Original Content
Castle Chase features a large amount of original artwork to help give the game a unique look amongst its fellow RPGMakerVX games. The tilesets and sprites have been altered to further originate the game. The Deluxe edition of the game has yet another exciting new edition in store, along with the main castle theme of the game is an all new soundtrack of songs composed just for Castle Chase by the wonderful Tarranon!

Latest Blog

Castle Chase, now in Spanish

Hey everyone! *blows dust off this blog*

AislingCait has recently translated Castle Chase into Spanish! You can check it out and download on his tumblr over HERE.

A huge thank you for translating our game! I hope it can find new fans this way. <3
  • Completed
  • Racheal
  • MakioKuta
  • RPG Maker VX
  • Adventure
  • 05/14/2010 06:12 AM
  • 08/28/2016 03:28 PM
  • 08/18/2010
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Nice to see a game with a simple acheivable goal for once. A lot of games sprung up during game gale and a lot will never be finished, but this one looks like it could make it. For now, it looks simple, unique, fun which is what all game gale games should be. I'll be watching this.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
Here is why the premise of this game does not work.

Unlike a guy, a girl does not have to go on a quest or collect items to get a date. : P

Simply BEING A GIRL is usually sufficient for that, even with severe mitigating circumstances.
@nephilim: Thank you for your support :) We did deliberately keep the premise simple, even if it got away from us a little more then we intended. The Game Gale release might not be as polished as I would like (and thus I expect a second release in the future) but I have no doubt that it will be completed.

@max: On trust me, she doesn't have to try that hard. In fact, she already has a prearranged marriage before the game even starts, as well as several silent admirers.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
@nephilim: Thank you for your support :) We did deliberately keep the premise simple, even if it got away from us a little more then we intended. The Game Gale release might not be as polished as I would like (and thus I expect a second release in the future) but I have no doubt that it will be completed.

@max: On trust me, she doesn't have to try that hard. In fact, she already has a prearranged marriage before the game even starts, as well as several silent admirers.

Well, I can see why the prearranged political marriage sucks (it is dealt with MUCH more seriously in To Arms!) but what's wrong with the silent admirers. Like I said, flawed premise. : P

Girl has to TRY to get attention from guys. Pfft. I'd rather play a game about something more realistic, like ROBOT DRAGONS. You should just make a whack-a-mole clone where she has to smack away suitors with a stick.

(I am just having a laugh. I am actually intrigued by this odd fusion of dating sim and adventure game.)
This gale comp is bringing a lot of pretty games to the table.

You the practice of self-promotion
OK Princess, here I come. * Downloads *
Good luck :) Feel free to ask if you have any issues, we never got a chance to have someone other then ourselves test it so I'm hoping what you have to do will be obvious enough. Talking to the servants that are around the castle will provide hints as well.
OK Princess, here I come. * Downloads *
Does this game have any action or is running around and talk the only thing you will do in the whole game?
Yes Deacon, the large majority of the game is running around, finding items, talking to people and showing them the items you have found, with the occasional item that can be used on the map. Max pegged it about right when he called it a cross between an adventure game and a (reverse) dating sim.
This was pretty fun, guys. I got about 5 of the possible endings, there was some other stuff that just stumped me. For example, the two keys are supposed to give access to the treasure room through the throne, right? Well I went over to the throne and started searching like crazy but I couldn't get that to work.

I liked the lighthearted feel of Ethereal Dreams and this was similar in that way, which was nice. Pretty good considering the time constraints of the Game Gale.
*adds that to the pile of things to fix/clear up* You actually need to show the keys to Hyde to proceed. I'll probably add a "I should go get Hyde first" when you try to examine the chair before hand.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Maks and I enjoy a lighthearted game over most, so it's no surprise that's echoed in our own games.
Sounds silly and even offensive, like women have nothing better to do than think about men. Some of us have a lot more intelligence and substance. No I'm not gay. Just my opinion that all, not trying to be mean. I would recommend a premise with more substance and keep the man thing as an additional quest. But anyway keep up the good work, I think all you RPG makers are great!
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
You should really play the game before making judgments like that. =)
Fair enough, I'll give it a try and then give feedback, but honestly the premise offended me when I read it as a hard working, retired military and happily married woman. But hey if it's fun and can hold my interest I will rate it high! downloading now!
I'm sorry you feel that way Conquistadora, and I hope when you give the game a shot it changes your opinion.
Since Racheal and I are both girls, (and we know that most girls don't spend all day thinking about guys), we certainly never meant to be offensive towards our own gender.

Personally I think Monica is a very strong female character, and perhaps you'll agree when you get to see her in action. The premise of the game on the outside is to win a date, but on the inside it is to escape whatever plans her family has for her simply because she IS a girl. So, in away it's quite the opposite of something anti feminist.
Thanks for the info on the game, I now look forward to playing it. i'm just from an older generation that is more sensitive towards sexism. I don't like women being protrayed as dumb or shallow, I'm all for independence of women and men not having to live Mommy or Daddy's dream. Everyone has the right to choose their own destiny. I raised my two kids that way, to follow their dreams and do their best. You two girls keep up the good work. I will play your game with an open mind. I do wish you the best! and keep on RPGing ;-).
I shall write a review...someday @_@
*got all endings*
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