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Be sure to check out the Youtube video series if you want to catch up on anything you've missed!

Version 3 (2017)

- Several hours of new content
- Rewritten dialogue
- Updated character skills
- Significantly improved digging systems
- Endgame score-based challenges


The gang has grown restless after their return to adventuring concluded several months earlier with the events in Little China, Maine. Our hero's companions come up with a plan for the ultimate vacation in the save hobo's jealously guarded resort known as "Hobotropolis." But the effects of the recently-deceased council are still resounding through this realm, and beneath Hobotropolis's jovial exterior, there is a familiar darkness stirring in its hoary bowels...

Big Trouble in Little China, Maine:

Strange things are afoot in Webber's frozen homeland in China, Maine. He enlists the help of Anebriate and the gang to check things out, only to find that someone with extraordinary powers has been terrorizing the locals. Upon investigating, they discover a series of clues which lead them to Augusta, the overgrown former-capital of Maine which is now a hippie colony and Native American reservation. These clues lead them to a revelation nearly as terrifying as George Washington himself: the culprit appears to be a rogue save hobo. Anebriate and company must enter the Save Realm and seek justice from the Supreme Save Council.

The Original:

A few years ago, in the entirely fictional kingdom of Maine, a political band of foreign diplomats seized control of the throne and began manipulating the current king in power. Plundering Maine's rich economy, this mysterious organization was eventually found out and expedited viciously by a small force of totally radical warriors, chief among them the protagonist of our story: Anebriate. Order was eventually restored to the kingdom, but the riches lost could not be recovered. Totally unrelated, Anebriate became absurdly wealthy and spent his days loafing around in his house, drinking himself into comas and picking fights with local shopkeepers.

This story begins upon the eve of a series of catastrophic events which will lead to Anebriate suffering the loss of his vast wealth, his house, his memory, and subsequently, his impressive skills.

This is a tale of recovery--not just the recovery of monetary concerns or memory, but also the recovery of lost humanity.

- Ram Racing!
- Gregory the weird goblin!
- Hobos!
- Roughly 30-35 hours of gameplay!
- A system of mining, smelting and crafting weapons!
- A system of herbalism and potion-making!
- Literally THOUSANDS of events with which to interact, all promising unique and sometimes profitable features.
- Optional characters spice up dialogue and provoke decisions which may alter the results of your game.
- Optional hidden bosses are a tough challenge but give rare, often one-of-a-kind treasures.
- Look at the world differently depending on the time of day. Dozens of time-specific events are happening all around you!
- Tons of side-quests and mini-adventures distract the protagonist from his goal, and give fun prizes or even money!
- Hundreds of unique weapons and armor are found throughout the game, making character customization thought-provoking and interesting.
- A bizarre and one-of-a-kind story line takes the player through an interesting and comical series of events unlike any other.
- An exciting side-view battle system complete with "ATB" and unique character skills, as well as a range of hilarious items with which to sustain yourself.

Current patch is 3.0.3 as of May 24, 2017.

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Latest Blog

Weekly Live-Stream!

Hey folks, I TOTALLY forgot to post about this here, but we are right smack in the middle of a weekly livestream playthrough for Tales of the Drunken Paladin!

Every Saturday night at 11 pm Eastern, 8 pm Pacific, Hootey streams for around 3 or 4 hours and voice-acts the entire thing as he goes. He's awesome to watch, so come check it out!

Also, if you happen to be coming into the party a little late, we've got the whole thing on a Youtube video series!
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only 90s kids will like this admin
This game looks pretty slick! I remember seeing it posted on a few other sites. Nice to see it make its way here.
This game is legend. Good to see you here, DP.
Thanks, gentlemen!

Do I have to upload the actual game file onto this Web Site, or can I just use my own site as the source?
You should be able to do it either way.
Huzaah, One of my all time favorites.
I was going to try this out as it seems interesting however when I tell it to download my browser says it can not find the page. I've tried both the link in your description as well as the one with the download button.
Yeah, I think a bunch of people downloading at the same time exploded my web site. XD

I'm going to upload it to a mirror as well and post the link when it's all finished.


EDIT: The server lost power apparently, but we're up and running. Sorry about that.
Wow, Drunken_Paladin made his way here... Excellent! xD
This game is great, and I've never LOL'd so much in my life.
Everyone should play this. Seriously.
Trying to sleep in your bed seems to lock the game up. Saving also seems to be disabled at odd times. I wanted to save, couldn't, tried to sleep thinking that might let me save and -bang!- can't do anything. Forced to shut down, lost all progress.
Sorry about that, SpitefulCrow.

I've fixed that bug, but haven't uploaded the latest version yet because I'm working on some more content and wanted to get it all out at once. (Although, it might be fixed in the Filefront mirror, because I uploaded that just yesterday when the site was down.)

The save point is a hobo, and you can also save on the world map.
when i saw this game first time i looked the name and thought: another fast made stupid game.
but few days ago my friend played this and told me that this is good game... good that he told it cause this really is better than some games i ve paid >.<
good that you have added walkthrough as i got stuck in Gardiner trying find that mercenary hideout.
Thanks man, glad you're having fun.

Feel free to ask for help on the forum, too, if you get stuck. I haven't written the walkthrough for the expansion just yet. Been busy. > <

i think theres bug at the town(forgot name) wheres boss called deep crow i talked to Marvin who said i need 7,000 for the ship... i didnt have so i just tried walk forward then i encountered this deep crow quest after i killed deep crow(which is too easy it should have more hp) now theres 2 Marvins O_o other says i can go free other asks for 7,000
i suppose that who wants 7,000 should have disappeared?
even you wuld have money for those: Ultra Awesome Super-Spear, Future Boots, Bejeweled champion Armor and God's Helmet... you wuld still be unable to wear them right?
Not sure about the problem you reported there, AquaThird! I'll look into it.

And correct, that gear is just to tease you. ;P
Hey folks, every now and then someone will mention how something in TDP is too difficult. So, I want to get a broader scope of localized opinions on the matter, and have set up a poll which can be viewed here:


If this matter concerns you in any way, please sign up and throw in your two cents!
dying doesent take bleeding off...

well even corpse can bleed :D
Did I mention that this game has an awful trailer?

Because it has one of those: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lgi6XI4Um_Y


Yes, I did. But while I'm here, something you HAVEN'T seen--a sneak preview of Hobotropolis, due relatively soon:

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