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Grace's Diary is an interactive visual novel made with Flash and flixel game framework. The game plays out as a point and click exploration/adventure game. There is a lot of dialogues in the game, which players will sometime be given choices to response. DIfferent response or actions will lead the game to a different ending. The game is not a long one, however, and can be finished in about an hour.

Grace's Diary won grand prize from 2010 Life.Love. Game Design Challenge. The contest theme is a game about teen dating violence, without any violence in the game.

Latest Blog

Grace's Diary at Games for Health 2012

Drew Crecente, the founder of Jennifer Ann's Group will be one of the speakers at Games for Health Conference 2012 with a topic of "Using Videogames to address the epidemic of teen dating violence."

Grace's Diary Android version would be one of the games demonstrated there!(Or so I hope :D)

Thanks for the offer from people who wanted to help testing! I'm sorry I never got around to upload the apk here, since people from Jennifer Ann already helped testing the game.

Currently, the game's script is being check for grammatical error, since I'm not a native speaker. The game should be available on Amazon App Store soon. iOS version should be available sometime in the future as well!
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  • 05/29/2010 12:26 PM
  • 10/16/2017 05:14 PM
  • 05/29/2010
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I get a strong Cing/Hotel Dusk vibe from this.


EDIT: Uhh...I mean playing online.
This seems extremely reminiscent of Hotel Dusk for the DS... primarily the art/animation style and the split-screen kind of layout. Not that this is a bad thing at all!

edit: Tezuka beat me to it.

edit2: Hey... it seems this game was the winner in a teen-dating-violence charity's game design contest. That's a pretty worthwhile accolade, dude. Maybe you should put something about it on the gamepage, even if the charity's mentioned in the game...
Looks awesome and charming. I like the premise. hima = quality.
member of the bull moose party
Doesn't work.
Thank you!

And yes the style is influenced by Hotel Dusk because I had just heard about its sequel and fifteen minutes later I found out that Cing went bankrupt grrrr. We would have go for rotroscoping animation too if it weren't for only one month development time. We found out about the contest a little bit late.

For those who's interested in joining the contest, I think it is held annually, starting from sometime in February and end around 15 of May, which mean 3 months development time. The issue need more attention from the public. I didn't know about it myself until I've done some research because of this contest, and I have to say I was surprised to learn how serious this issue is.

There are some grammar mistakes in there, like always heh. I'll find someone who can do the final grammar check for me and fix it in the next version. Sorry!

@YDS - It's 13 MB, so it might take a while to load. I'll see if I'm allowed to release the executable version.
member of the bull moose party
I like it ! Though I don't know why I can never win the game. - -
Maybe you haven't collect all the necessary memories?

Giving Natalie a call right a way may not be an obvious choice! Take a deep breath and think again before you make a call. Maybe a phone itself will remind you of something.

I admit it was a bad design choice and might even be a fake difficulty. Terribly sorry about this m(_ _)m
Returning from RMVX Death
I've played it three times... Still can't beat the game. Poor girl... I knew a friend once that was in a bad relationship, no matter what I did to help her though, she just wouldn't listen - and YES I DID believe it was the @$$ that she was with that was controlling her. This game is perfect, and it does deserve that award... Please post that up on the game description, that would be totally awesome. Great job...
I'm glad you like the game! Yeah, I think this issue is pretty much everywhere but they are somehow under the radar. I try my best to make the game shows some examples that can be related in real life and I'm glad that you find it useful and fun at the same time.

As for not be able to beat the game, I have updated the game page with hints&walkthrough page. Please use it if you still cannot beat the game!
member of the bull moose party
Done. It was the cellphone thing. I liked the game.
Fantastic. Quick, fun and easy, nice art, and conveyed the message really well. No wonder it got first place.

EDIT: Oh man, bad endings... so depressing...
Glad to hear that! And sorry again about the cellphone. It was a bad choice really! *sigh*

Thank you! Glad you like it :) The best ending is not so hard to get, keep it up! It might not be a happy ending for everyone though. ( At least not for Ken )

Also just got a comment from my Thai friend saying that the best ending is so unfair to Ken. The message is lost somewhere, apparently. I need to be a better writer heh.
Oh no, I got the good ending first, but because I'm a masochist I went for the bad endings to see what they were like.

Also just got a comment from my Thai friend saying that the best ending is so unfair to Ken. The message is lost somewhere, apparently. I need to be a better writer heh.

See, now I thought Ken got a pretty fair shake. He wasn't all like MUAHAHAHA I LOVE TO TORMENT THE WOMENS!!! You seemed to make the case that he may not have entirely understood what a massive dirtbag he was.
member of the bull moose party
I agree with Hexatona. Maybe it is a cultural thing?
Same; the story showed that Ken did cause the problems, but from his perspective he didn't know how much damage he was doing. But as YDS has said it could be just a difference in culture.
Come to think about it, that might be true. Domestic violence is pretty common in Thailand , especially with the women. Now I wonder why it isn't a big issue yet... Anyway, it's either the indifference to the issue due to cultural difference, or he just skipped everything with CTRL and didn't read the story. Here's hoping it's the latter!
Some small error's with the sentencing lol

but It's the best game I've played thats under the "Custom" Category

Story 9/10

Graphics/Animations 10/10

Character design 10/10

Editing 8/10

Overall: 9.5/10
This is the kind of game that really hits home. Good stuff hima.
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