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Grace's Diary at Games for Health 2012

Drew Crecente, the founder of Jennifer Ann's Group will be one of the speakers at Games for Health Conference 2012 with a topic of "Using Videogames to address the epidemic of teen dating violence."

Grace's Diary Android version would be one of the games demonstrated there!(Or so I hope :D)

Thanks for the offer from people who wanted to help testing! I'm sorry I never got around to upload the apk here, since people from Jennifer Ann already helped testing the game.

Currently, the game's script is being check for grammatical error, since I'm not a native speaker. The game should be available on Amazon App Store soon. iOS version should be available sometime in the future as well!

Progress Report

iOS and Android version is 90% complete.

It's been a long time, but I have been working on porting this game to iOS and Android recently with Unity3D.

The game is now completely playable from start to finish. I still need some finishing up to do, mostly it has to do with the text area become smaller on the mobile device, so some texts need to be readjusted.

Anybody has an android device though? I'd love to get some testers to see if the game work or won't work on what kind of device and how will it look on different resolution.


Review from Casual Gameplay @ jayisgames.com

Joye from Casual Gameplay @ jayisgames.com wrote us a beautiful review for Grace's Diary

"I'm going to talk to Natalie today. She hasn't talked to me for a month, and I'm pretty sure it's because Ken told her not to. I think it's about time I tell her what I think. Maybe I should think carefully... hopefully, she'll listen to me. Sometimes games are just there for us when we want to have some fun, blow up the princess, and save the zombies, or something like that. Other times, we want to explore more difficult and painful stories. Grace's Diary manages to seamlessly integrate the theme of relationship abuse into a sensitive and moving visual novel."

You can


Interview: Anti-Teen Violence Group Reveals Game Design Contest Winners

Gamasutra - News - Interview: Anti-Teen Violence Group Reveals Game Design Contest Winners

A unique game design competition aimed at teen violence prevention has announced its winners, and Gamasutra talks to the founder of Jennifer Ann's Group about how game design is helping its cause.

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