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Altima Improvement Project

After some IRC fun of egging Tonfa to play Altima and review it (which resulted in making this gameprofile), I decided to go back and fix up some of the issues with Altima that I didn't have time to fix during Action 52. The currently planned fixes are:

1) Get YEZ working completely right. In the initial Action 52 release I screwed up. Some switches+variables YEZ used were also being used by some events and this was having the adverse effect of changing music volumes and changing some gameplay settings. I also never set what elements to show and their icons when viewing a party member's status which would just crash the game before. These are fixed in the current download.

2) Animations! I never set any animations beyond some default database entries. I'm going back and assigning an animation to each weapon, item and skill to help make combat look more interesting.

3) Something else left unfinished were enemy skills and descriptions. I used YEZ because I wanted the ability to scan enemies and most enemies aren't even worth the scan. Everything has a little meaningless description (See BEE(s?)!) but half the enemies are missing the middle combat description. Mostly because half the enemies just attack! I want to fill out the enemy moves and scan descriptions.

4) Not a total rebalance, but based on Tonfa's review I'll probably tweak some encounters and generally try to make combat more interesting. Beyond exploring and fighting there isn't much to do in the game so I'd better make combat better!

5) Writing. Find my spelling mistakes, improve my grammar, and fix poor notes. Finding Korkon Hole can be an issue due to hints being too vague. I'm going to change some so the message is clearer.

6) Fix some script issues! You can get too close to the top and bottom of the map and the airship will drive right into the edge of the map which looks plain silly. The minimap doesn't support wrapping maps at all which I'd like to fix too.

7) Do something RMVX'y with the titlescreen Despite made for me! I'd like to do something more than the 2k(3) titlescreen of "play music, fade in title screen, window with NEW-CONTINUE-EXIT", even just a quick graphical effect. Despite did a great job and I'd like to contribute something to it, like a more interesting game titlescreen!
(I tried making one, it didn't turn out well)

None of these are big projects unlike rebalancing Demon's Gate (oh hi 1.6 patch and your list of shame). I don't want to spent too much time rebalancing the game. It was after all meant to be a 24-hour project and I don't want to slave over balancing everything in a game where you can get the strongest sword in the first 20 minutes.


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Customizing the gameprofile would be #8. I'm just not sure what to do with it yet.

Game is done. I'm done hacking RMN's poor CSS apart. Still need to fill in some guide stuff over the next week but I'm not changing or touching this game anymore. Yay!

e: oh no I can already see a css oversight on this very page
If I tabulated time spent on the game and css and pages over the last week it would probably be about 10% game 90% gameprofile. It just came down to deciding it was done and nailing the coffin shut and moving on with life instead of finding another thing to update.
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