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The Guide for Altima

Welcome to the online guide and hintbook for Altima! This guide contains everything you need to play Altima, from how to get started to reference sheets of equipment to hints on how to finish the game. Check the appropriate section for what you need and if you can't find it then feel free to post and ask questions. Use all available resources to take Evil down a peg or two!

Getting Started Guide
A guide for getting started with Altima. This includes steps on how to start the game, how to change controls, and how to change the settings and what they mean in the game.

~~ Gameplay Basics ~~
The 101 on how to play Altima. This includes a description on attributes, elements, and the various buffs and ailments in the game.

Gameplay Basics 1: Exploring the World of Altima

The World Map
The world map of Altima! This includes town and dungeon locations.

The Heroes of Altima
A reference page for all recruitable heroes in Altima. Each hero has a short description, their starting and maximum level attributes, and all of their abilities.

Items Compendium
A reference table of all consumable and key items in Altima.

Weapons Compendium
A reference table of all weapons in Altima. This includes weapon attributes, attack element, price, and where to get these weapons.

Armor Compendium
A reference table of all armor, helmets, shields, and accessories in Altima. This includes gear attributes, elements they resist, price, and where to get them.

Ailments, Buffs, and Debuffs Compendium
A reference table of all ailments, buffs, and debuffs in Altima.

Hints & Tips
Can't find the Source of Evil? Stuck at the pulley puzzle? Confounded by the location of the Laser Phaser Gun? Stymied by the mystery of the endless dungeons? Fear no more, the hints and tips guide is here! The guide gives various hints before the solution giving you the chance to solve it yourself with some helpful prodding or the outright solution if needed.

~~ THE END ~~