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For Gamepage Glories ~ Old Game Profile!

When I first did the gamepage CSS, I couldn't figure out how to get a third background layer in. I had two, so I stuck with the essentials: The world map, and the top cloud layer. It didn't look great, but it was acceptable.

For the Gamepage Glories event I looked into readding the animated clouds, hopefully in a way that wouldn't cause performance problems. The approach I did now seems a bit more CSS-standard for modern browsers, I'm not sure if it actually performs any better on modern browsers, or if people on older machines are gonna have the page slow to crawl.

The important bit though is I learned you can stack background images on a single element, ergo I could add all three background images to the game profile! Hello clouds with shadows!

You can view a snapshot picture of the pre-cloud shadows game profile here.

The (currently animated, as of 2021-07-30) clouds with shadows should be on the game profile at this moment for your viewing pleasure!