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Release Date
Eventually... but not in the TOO distant future

I began work on Ob Iter back in the fall of 1999 when i stumbled across RPGmaker 95+. In 2003 i released 'Dark Void' for the 95+ platform. It was at this point that what started as something to toy around with one night began to transform into a much bigger world. Therefore, i moved to the then new RPGMaker 2003 platform to begin work on this current project. Over the years it kept growing and growing to the point of never getting finished. It has now migrated over to VX Ace, which in all should make for a better final product

Principally, i have put in over 5,000 hours of work to this game over the years (including Dark Void). The foundations are finally firmly in place and a polished product i feel comfortable releasing is taking shape. I cannot promise when it will be complete, but i am working on it always. So long as there are people out there to play it and a website such as this lives, you'll find it here for download eventually.

Drake is a war deserter escaping his homeland of Saldonia. He runs south to the enemy nation of Val. He looks for a quiet life with his lifelong friend Garret. This is where the story begins.

This is a story about a world nearing extinction. The focus is on the people in it during their final weeks. Is is about their lives and relationships, but also a journey of discovery. It explores reality as a dream state and a theory that time is not linear. It is also a love story.


Monsters appear on the map.

I work to avoid big heals and one good attack auto spam. A character with 1000hp cannot be healed for 500, but rather in the range of 50-150, but if healing 50 costs 2mp, then healing 150 would cost 10. Enemy strength works similarly. In this way, long battles become a strategy where health rises or falls gradually, creating an epic struggle rather than a repetition fest. All stats are restored after battle, but not between consecutive battles. MP can be charged during battle, or characters may charge an ally.


Are a mix of tile-set and Bryce.

Map sizes are prioritized to the minimum, but some are larger to avoid fade in and out screen fatigue. When larger, i still like to use maps that are minimum size on either the x or y axis.

I would rather the hero move around the map, than have him centered around a scrolling map. Also, i find the standard tileset approach to be too repetitive generally, but not useless. Bryce / DAZ textures provide a more varied design than taking one tile and replicating it across the map. Skyboxes add a sense of dimension or horizon.

By a general rule, i aim for exterior locations to be largely pre-rendered, and interior locations to be tileset, but both, including sprites and monsters are in the prerendered style.

No MIDI tracks. All MP3. It's worth it. I've tapped OC Remix for some favorites. Also included is a selection from the Audio Machine platinum series (you hear these a lot in movie trailers). Finally, there is also an assortment of originals i have composed on Reason.

Chapter Overview
Chapter 1 - The Search
Chapter 2 - The Odyssey
Chapter 3 - Medley
Chapter 4 - The Dark Empire
Chapter 5 - The Sins of our Fathers
Chapter 6 - The Goddess Tower
Chapter 7 - Redemption
Chapter 8 - Paradise Lost
Chapter 9 - Eternum

(Subject to change)
This is a brief overview of the 'episodic' structure. Chapters 7 and 8 may end up becoming an additional chapter or two depending on how things flesh out.


Always interested to anyone who wants to help with the game.

Latest Blog

System Reboot

I've made the tough decision to reboot my game over to VX Ace ... a decision made even more difficult by the impending release of MV.

Now, i recognize that this sort of shift is where a lot of projects go to die. There are reasons though, why i am confident that this is going to get a higher quality product out there, sooner than i would have without rebooting.


Principally, my decision was made on the fact that time invested on tasks in VX Ace is much less for my needs than it would be in 2K3.

My game is based on HD rendered assets, which have to be scaled down to the super low def of 2k3. This process always heavily distorts the image and forces me to have to clean everything up. When i spent 6 hours trying to clean up a simple swing chair the other day it was all the more evident. The higher resolution in VX Ace is enough to avoid this problem.

Second, the color depth. In 2k3 i was forced to work around the color depth by using objects to event tile most of all my maps. Every tile of every wall. Every table and chair. It was a massive headache in object mapping. In VX Ace i can simply plug the resources into custom tilesets and away i go. Things will get done at a fraction of the time.

Third, and very importantly, is the availability of assets that blend well in the overall design. Buying bookshelves and tables and things on DAZ is pretty expensive, and while i don't mind at all, and will continue to do so, the low resolution in 2k3 as mentioned above, would make it difficult to use any of those assets without great difficulty. The 'High Fantasy' add on packs for Ace are a perfect match for my Bryce / DAZ approach, as are the sprite sets. This makes life a whole lot easier, and makes the game look that much better.

Fourth is the power of scripts. Once i started really looking into the Ace scripts, it became apparent just how much better an overall product my game can be than it ever would be on 2k3. I admit some frustration that i don't know how to use both the per pixel script, and the Dungeon tools script at the same time. They just plain conflict. Badly. So i sadly had to abandon the dungeon tools for the much more important (i think), per pixel movement.

In addition, i can make the 6 player battle party i always wanted instead of being stuck at 4, and keep the active time flow as well. I can still implement everything i had put together for the whole foundation of my gameplay across the board, but do even more with it. Furthermore, the addition of a Bestiary is just plain cool.

I do have concerns given my approach about the ultimate file size issues i will face, and the 999 map limit is a big problem because if i make my maps freely as i intend, i estimate needing over 3,000 maps by games end. I can consolidate my maps thankfully, by putting sections in a larger map size, but i must avoid scrolling. It's not always ugly, but it's terribly ugly and unprofessional for the map to scroll in a single screen room. Thankfully, it looks like the camera control script will solve this... it'll just be a bit of extra tinkering.


In all, this reboot puts me immediately that much farther away from releasing anything, but in the long term, i believe this game will be completed years sooner than it would have as a result. It's basic stuff really. Being able to tile everything instead of object mapping. Not having to clean up muddy textures all the time. The addition of a quick event for treasure chests ESPECIALLY, since i have a boat load of them. It all just adds up. Plus all my character and gear designs and the core save files for many of my bryce / daz stuff still exists, so i don't lose all of my work on any of that, although i will need to rework it. I do lose all the work i put into object mapping, but hey, whatever.

So i look at it that way. Right now, i'm that much farther behind because of the reboot needs. But over the long term, all the time saved will get this product completed to the final chapter years sooner, and at a much higher level of quality.

It's also a nice feeling knowing that my project is now 100% Licence/Original/ or Freeware made, so i could put it on steam if i wanted to.


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This is the weirdest game name I've ever seen.
Kewl, keep up the good work. I like the direction this game is heading; can't wait to see what else you come up with.
When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
this game looks really bad.
Unallocated Skill Points
Oddly enough, I doubt any game can be extreme enough to warrant heavy metal as a default battle theme.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Looks good (don't let it be yet another good game destroyed by the wonderful feedbacks!).
When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
this game looks really bad.

Wow was I a dick.
Wow! Modern military setting! Pistols & rifles... It will be great!
I'm tired of classic fantasy with swords and magic (and not only me).
This game will be very good - i'm sure!
Especially, i like the character sprites and portraits from the battle screenshot - they looks very "One-style" and this is really good. Simplistic, but looking good!
Try to make all the sprites in this style - even enemy sprites.
The one-style custom graphic is the key to high-standart and stand-alone project.
(the default RTP guy with hairband, and red-haired guy from "Langrisser" must be replaced - they doesn't fit the style... but you already know this, i guess)

P.S. The title name is really weird. What it means?
This is the weirdest game name I've ever seen.

P.S. The title name is really weird. What it means?

It's latin is all. "Iter" means way or journey, "ob" means toward/against or in order to/because of. So you can make something like "On to the journey"

I don't mind metal at all .. it just depends on what kind of metal they use. The usual heavy metal stuff is crappy, repetitive and boring imho, would spoil the game a bit. Other sub-genre could very well do the trick.
It does look interesting overall
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