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Mock Interview: Mitsuya Masako

  • Marrend
  • 03/17/2011 05:18 PM
Here at the Matsumori Daily, we are always interested in interviewing our fellow students. Today, we have the honor of interviewing this year's student counsel president, Mitsuya Masako. The transcript of our interview as follows:

Matsumori Daily: Perhaps you would clarify, for the first-year students that may be reading this paper, what it is that the student council does?

Mitsuya Masako: The main purpose of the student counsel is to facilitate a dialog between the faculty and the student body. To clarify, we relay what the student body tells us they need to the principal. If he is agreeable, he passes our recommendations to the school's board. Principal Ogyu's connections and overall clout with the board is such that if he recommends something highly enough, it has a very high probability to be enacted upon. If he does not agree to our recommendations, we are basically charged with finding a different solution.

MD: I... see. Well, er, perhaps you'd like to tell us a bit of yourself? What is your family like?

MM: My father is a chief at a restaurant that, from my understanding, many Matsumori students visit after school as a place of social gathering. My mother has recently achieved a particularly high position at her business. That she could look after two daughters while climbing the corporate ladder is a feat that would not have been possible in the past.

MD: Wait, did you say two daughters?

MM: I did. I have an elder sister. The number of people who knew of this before this interview is rather low. However, I expect the knowledge will spread quite a bit, thanks to the Matsumori Daily's circulation, and the proclivity of some individuals to spread rumors.

MD: R-right! Anyway, how about your hobbies?

MM: When I find the time, I read detective novels. The stuff of Conan Dole, not any of the more modern novels, mind you. I suppose I enjoy being immersed into the simpler time such novels relay. As for physical activity, it's slightly embarrassing to admit, but I have a staff that I train with. I don't practice any specific martial art, but I manage an acceptable workout all the same.

MD: Interesting, that last bit. Anyway, there's one thing lots of people are very curious about. How is it that you can always guess what is going to happen?

MM: Have you ever guessed what someone was going to say, or do, based on what you know of that person, and the situation? What I do is essentially the same process. That I have such accuracy would lead me to conclude that I have an exceptionally unique talent for that manner of analysis.

MD: Uh, right. Last question...

MM: No.

MD: What?

MM: Forgive me. I was being over presumptuous. I was assuming that you wished to ask me if there was anything else I wished to share in the context of this interview. Please, ask your query.

MD: How... how do you do that!?

MM: Trust me, there are moments when I find it annoying to be so accurate. In any event, as I was saying earlier, I base my "guesses" on what I know of the person, and the situation. Now, if there is nothing else...?

On that uneasy, but still successful note, please join us next time, where we interview one of the top athletes from last year, Yasui Goho!


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Guardian of the Description Thread
I must confess, this one was probably the easiest "interview" I could have done. I developed Masako's background a lot more than the other characters. The funny thing is that a lot of this information, such as Masako's family and what they do, is totally inconsequential to the game as a whole.

I'm guessing half the fun of doing this is to allow a window to potential players about what your vision of a character is before he or she starts playing.
Great job Marrend! I laughed at the "No" and so forth. This interview did a really good job of capturing the character, and I'm really interested in playing this now :).
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