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What this is:

A stand-alone (that means no RTP required!) demo of an optional task/mini-game that opens in Chapter 3. Probably the only optional task that I have any solid ideas for at this time, to be blunt.

What this does:

Basically, this is a Suikoden-style duel. If you know how a Suikoduel works, you probably have a pretty good idea of how this works already. If not, or if you just what to refresh your memory, keep reading.

The duel begins when the player, as Goho (the dude with the red hair) challenges Kojiro (the dude with black hair). After the duel begins, there's going to be a text box displaying each duelist's health. This is done at the beginning of each round of the duel to help determine how much damage you've done, how much you still need to do, etc. After that, Kojiro will say... something. What he will say may, or may not, give a hint as to what his next move is. What the player is then tasked to do, is select an action: Attack, Go all out (this is the Critical option for you Suikovets), or Guard. What happens after that selection depends on what action the player chooses, and what action Kojiro is performing. The full list of how the actions relate follows:

ATTACK ties ATTACK (Both sides take normal damage!)
ATTACK beats GUARD (Duelist that GUARDed takes half damage!)
CRITICAL beats ATTACK (Duelist that ATTACKed takes double damage!)
CRITICAL ties CRITICAL (Both sides take double damage!)
GUARD beats CRITICAL (Duelist that CRITICALed takes double damage!)
GUARD ties GUARD (Staring contest! Both sides take no damage!)

As one can observe, damage is usually dealt to one side or another, but this is not always the case. This process keeps going until one duelist has 0 or less health. It is possible for both duelists to have 0 or less health. If that happens, the result will be a tie.

Side note: A duelist's "normal" damage is calculated with the same formula as a standard physical attack: (4*Attacker_STR) - (2*Defender_DEF).

The controls are the default for RPG Maker games. That means movement is handled by the arrow keys, "Shift" speeds up avatar/textbox movement, the menu can be accessed with "Escape", while accepting commands/advancing textboxes/talking to fools is handled by the "Enter" key.


If you are inclined to download this demo, it can be found here.

Technical side notes:

I didn't work on this demo for an extended amount of time, and what you see may very well be what the final version will be. However, that's not to say that there are things that I am aware of that could make the overall experience cleaner, or more efficient.

I am currently running the the dueling code through a string of Common Events. I didn't touch the Script Editor at all. For full disclosure, I did use the occasional Script from the Event Commands menu. It may be possible to transmute all of the code into Ruby script. Some would even argue that it would make my overall task so much easier if I do. I admit, I am more comfortable using the Common Event method that I'm currently using.

Having a graphical representation of each duelist's health would be much better than a textbox that displays such information each round. However, I'm uncertain how to code that kind heads-up display. I may look this up of my own accord at a later date.

I have no idea how to do this, or if it's even possible, but allowing players to input actions by a press of a button, rather than having a Show Choice, seems like a concept players would enjoy more. I'd also like to have Kojiro's textbox close with such a button press, but, again, I have no clue how, or if, it's possible. For those who don't recognize it, this is the same kind of system Sukoden V uses. For the purposes of any later version of this demo, or for the final version (assuming this part ever gets implemented), I would bind "Z" to "Attack, "X" to "Critical", and "C" to "Gaurd". However, I would only want those bindings to be in effect as long as the mini-game is running, as I'm pretty sure those are "standard" RPG Maker keys.

Cheating the system:

Each duelist's health is based on the character's maximum health. Likewise, each duelist's damage is based on the character's attack versus the opponent's defense. While there might not be much one can do to alter one side's health or another, optimizing Goho's equipment, while stripping Kojiro of equipment, would be a way to skew the numbers to a to favor the player. Likewise, one could make the duel more difficult by optimizing Kojiro, and stripping Goho of equipment. For this demo, players only have access to Goho's equipment. However, with the final version of the mini-game, players would have access to both characters, and the ramifications thereof. While I could simply disable menu access for the demo, that's not an option when the task gets implemented in-game.

In foreseeing that some players, seeing how character stats interact with the dual, particularly between a low attack vs. high defense, I've coded a minimum base damage value of 1. That would mean that the damage done on an ATTACK vs GUARD would round down to 0, and that a CRITICAL vs ATTACK or a GUARD vs CRITICAL would do 2. I'm not sure how necessary such code is required, but allowing for negative damage (healing, essentially) in a duel scenario makes no sense. Note, however, that there isn't a damage maximum. I'm not quite sure what the maximum base damage is, but a CRITICAL vs. ATTACK or a GUARD vs CRITICAL, with such a value would, with a very high probability, win the duel.


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Umm... The link doesn't work, it needs to go here: http://rpgmaker.net/games/2194/downloads/

And, you messed up 'dual' with 'duel' a few times...
Guardian of the Description Thread
Stupid manage games link messing me up!

Okay, thanks for that.

*Edit: And for the spelling errors!
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