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Release version 1.01 is now publicly available. Please report any bugs to me at dgaban @ gmail.

Download the Release version here:

Note: This is probably a no-brainer, but you need the RTP installed in order to run the game as it does not include RTP files in the archive.

Premise: The King of Rheum's daughter has been kidnapped by members of a dangerous cult. Rather than give in to the demands of the cultists, he summons the Twelve Heroes of Delonesia before his council. Your father happens to be one of these Heroes, but an unfortunate incident results in you taking his place at the castle briefing. After much thought, you decide to take on the task of rescuing the princess in your father's place.

The Game: This is more or less a remake/redo of an RM2K game I made years ago. This isn't your typical RMXP game, there is a huge focus on interacting with NPCs, and triggering cut-scenes by talking to people or doing stuff. There is also a crapload of treasure in this game (since I love RPGs that have lots of treasure). Lots of little optional things to do and lots of weird quirks hidden throughout. I won't be spoiling any of it in this project thread however.

This is you, the Hero (age 18). You get to pick your gender and answer a few morality questions at the beginning of the game to determine your hero's personality. You are the first born of a local adventurer named Meracon who was anointed a Hero of Delonesia about two decades ago. When the King of Rheum's daughter is kidnapped, the Heroes of Delonesia are summoned to the Rheum Kingdom so that they can be told of the situation and embark on a quest to rescue her.

Your father is summoned, but breaks his back before he can make the trip to Rheum. He asks you to go in his place.

You can learn basic magic spells, rudimentary weapon battle skills, and can equip almost every weapon type.

Sedsnarry Artihuate (age 17)
A precocious girl who dropped out from the Academy of Magics where her parents are both esteemed scholars and her brother graduated valedictorian from. Although brimming with potential, her self-esteem issues have so far prevented her from attaining her true ability in the magical arts.

You find her roaming Achlansburg, the small fishing village where you grew up, and upon hearing of your quest, she finds it as an opportunity to prove herself and gladly joins.

Sedsnarry specializes in fire magic. She can equip staves, maces, books, and daggers.

Katedyre Denueve (age 19)
An aspiring singer whose stage name is "Kattixie". She has her own band. Unfortunately, times are tough so her main source of income has been freelance mercenary'ing with her brother, Ricallo.

She is currently living in the basement slums of the township of Galatia.

Katedyre's battle skill "Talk", allows her to randomly rant during battle, which produces results that can be either useless (display the enemies' names) or useful (display the % of health left for each enemy). Later, she can equip musical instruments that turn the "Talk" skill into "Sing", which produces better results more of the time.

Katedyre can use all four major weapon types (sword, axe, spear, bow) in addition to minor ones (dagger, musical instrument, whips).

Ricallo Denueve (age 22)
He had been studying alchemy at the Academy of Magics but was expelled after being framed for the theft of the Grandmaster's Staff. He went back to Galatia to join his sister in the mercenary business.

Ricallo's Alchemy skill allows him to create potions with available ingredients. He can also disperse multiple potions during battle. Also, when he uses a single item, its power is amplified by 50%.

Ricallo can use all four major weapon types and also daggers.

Redian Rubenstein (age 20)
A lowly womanizing mage from the small village of Ewyes. He never misses an opportunity to hit on any girl younger than 30. He has tried taking up summoning as a way of attracting girls. Despite his various attempts at getting girls, he seems to have very little luck with them.

Redian can summon monsters in battle. The monsters take up actual character slots so the party has to have 3 or fewer members in the active party for Redian to perform a summon. The summoned monster is around for duration of battle or until it dies. Redian also knows basic magic spells and specializes in wind magic.

He can equip staves, maces, books, and daggers.

Morse Pally (age 16)

A young priestess from Faerum. Prophecy dictates that she will meet a hero and accompany him to defeat Gaf Halloran. The prophecized hero is Ardineigo, but she mistakes you to be that hero instead. She is very selfish and looks down on others who aren't on her level or greater.

Morse can utilize "Prayer" in combat, which is the only set of healing/restorative spells in the game. She can equip staves, books, and whips.

There are three more joinable characters but I won't be revealing them for a while.

Game Features:
  • Weapon and Armor Durability. Each piece of equipment in the game has its own HP that gets depleted in battle. Repair Hammers can be used to repair weapons to full HP.
    NPC Conversation System. For the majority of NPCs in the game, when you talk to them, you get a 'Chat/Look/Other' conversation menu that can give you more information from an NPC. You also use this menu with NPCs who are merchants, trainers, Innkeepers, and more.
    Party Management. At every town with an Inn, you can switch to the viewpoint of one of your party companions or disband your party and look at your companions hanging out around town. They rejoin simply by talking to them and choosing the 'Join' command. There are unique cut-scenes you can discover just by disbanding your party and exploring towns on your own.
    Day/Night System. NPCs will be sleeping at night, and usually doing their job during they day. Some NPCs have random schedules so that they might not be in the same place at the same time always.
    Mixing/Cooking Systems.
    Shortcut Menu. Pressing the A button brings up a shortcut menu that provides easy access to party management and commonly used spells such as Warp. You can also use the Shortcut Menu to talk to your party members (like in Dragon Quest VIII).
    Mini-Games. I'll leave players to find out what they are.
    Somewhat Non-Linear Plot Progression. The story path is fairly linear, but how you get there is determined on your own.
    Default Battle System. Yeah, I currently use the DBS, mainly because I like turn-based non-active battle systems. There are heavy modifications to the system, such as using Prexus's battle algorithms and multiple battle commands (each character has 6-7 options to choose from). You can also change your party in between rounds and change your equipment in battle without losing a turn.
    No Random Encounters. All encounters are visible on the map (though most of them are not in predefined locations and are randomized). On the world map, random zones appear that you can enter one time, and you can fight monsters, find treasure, and even interact with NPCs in these zones.
    100% custom monsters. All monster battlers are drawn by me, which I think adds a little charm to the game (my art is vastly inferior to the default or various japanese battlers out there, but it adds some uniqueness to the game).
    Personality System. Your actions can affect your personality (such as choosing to offer a torch to a poor mage who can't see in a dark cavern). The Personality System allows you access to certain things or get different reactions from NPCs in certain cut-scenes. However it does not affect the main storyline (in the sense that if you play as an incredibly evil person, you will still be able to beat the game and get a decent ending).
    Bromides. Find full colored 640x480 CG's well hidden throughout the game.

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Pages: 1
Wow, this game looks awesome. I waiting for the full version to come out so that i can play the whole thing!
I love some of the game features that you mentioned here. Can't wait to download it myself.
Could use some balancing with the mobs... story is pretty funny though, and the battle system is alright
Is it just me though or could you have used any default picture in preference to most of the mob graphics? They appear to be a little too "hand-drawn."
Amazing!!! Where did you get the scripts?
And also... Where did you get the battlesr & sprites? They're great!
It's actually battler, not battlesr.
Hey guys, thanks for the comments. I stopped working on this a while ago. I'm actually remaking it in RMVX right now, and the graphics will be better - I've improved a little over the last couple years!
My mind is full of fuck.
Why haven't I downloaded this?
I downloaded, open game and it says audio file missing
screenshot add
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Ver ??? (this has not been finished after like 8 years!? and it still has flaws!?)
Random thoughts
Title is sexy

those choices :O i worry about them. if they do not have a substantial effect on the game it would feel pointless.
if they do i worry this will be canceled because its too much work without a team or alot of free time.

really nice custom art! have not seen it before so made for this game?

:O i LOVE the mini map! thank you for the extra effort! its worth it! :D

the mapping is good so far no wasted space! (please keep it that way when traveling!
it can decide if a games good+ or not!

the item system is quite unpleasant tho...you pick things up like a weapon or armor and instead of just being able to put it on you have to transfer it to your character first. i really hate this

please reduce the save slots nobody needs 999 spots to save

the mom is surprisingly mean. she acted like she was worried when you were going to be sent out then you go home and she is like go find your own food! that's just sad.

interesting that all gear has a limit on them somewhat like monster hunter weapons except they don't break just get dull and weak.
hopefully theres a smith to restore them especially if you get high lvl one of a kind gear at some point.

i really like how you can view all the stats on the equip screen rather then going to status!

the custom battle sprites are amusing! and refreshing after seeing enough RTP for a lifetime!

the guy who saved is a experienced mage with fire magic so he needed a torch why?

you can skip rheum and go strait to Galatia. this would be way easier for the developer to decide if being able to go anywhere you want would cause plot holes or related issues.

some people outside your town really don't like people from your town. i hope its not something as retarded as hated your people just because of your father...
they really are too mean.

can recruit party members! but...i DO NOT want that scum bag Fred! if i was forced to have him on my team i would drop this right then and there!

the different types of XP is a interesting idea to learn skills and such
i still prefer if a characters class decided what they could actually learn. like your character not being a mage. magic at least high level at the every least should not be possible to learn.

not really fond of the days passed on statistics...same with how many times you save. its things we don't need.
the day/night system is great but those things are terrible.

warp (skill) is supposed to warp you to previously visited locations (you need to have been here at least once) but you can warp to say
Ewyes for example even tho i never went there

^thank you so much for this skill btw! it makes the game so much better! same with teleport!

The Warlpup is immortal :O (can be damaged by summons)

that blond girl is so adorable! and maybe a yandere o.o

you can talk to the king of Galatia at night thus skipping then proper say meeting thus his dialog makes no sense.

the king was going to approve a whorehouse!? he even has a wife i mean come on man! you can already do what you want!

the iron helm only gives +1 defense!? i gave it to the blond girl!

how the hell did this guy get down here before me!? all the doors were closed! he figured out the puzzle my ass!

should have a reachable lvl cap its pointless if a game goes to lvl 99 but you cant obtain it.

General 5H 40M+ Dropped
This game should be finished but its not.and it has a fair amount of things that i dislike.i do not mind the time system but i do not like time passing on its own. it makes doing things a pain int eh ass and finding everything.
i hate the counter for days. the absurd amount of save slots.the scum bag nobles that think they are better then you...
the scum bag populace that dislikes you just because your from a certain town...
and probably the worst part is the item system...
you obtain a item and need to give it to a character before they can use it!

there is also glitches which will probably never be fixed >.>

this would be a waste of your time. i would suggest some thing else.
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