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Current Version: 1.4.1
1.4.1 Fixes
- Additional location to find "Flower Saver" badge for Luigi
- Once the Pit of 100 Trials has been cleared, the floor can be chosen in subsequent attempts

- Typos
- Fixed confetti showing up
- POW DEF badge and POW SPC badge swaps are fixed
- Spots where you can't progress in Rosalina's Road Rage fixed

1.4.0 Fixes
- The tokens/coin exchange works.
- Game is open source

1.3.2 Fixes
- Mouse no longer affects selection in Menu (yay)
- TEC Minion of the Moment fixed again
- Tile passability fix in Meta City
- Bio Pirhana enemy in Lonestar Lands fixed
- Basic shops added to Stone Curd Ruins & Bowser Castle Escape chapter
- Enemies of Cheddar Desert and & Bowser Castle Escape chapter are slightly weaker
- Kammy's DEF slightly raised
- Kappin's DEF slightly raised
- Spinalots DEF slightly lowered and POW slightly raised
- Court Scene Typos fixed & other typos

1.3.1 Fixes
- Tile passability fix in Krawlin Caves
- Typo in hammer tutorial
- Rolling Billows air elevator fixed
- TEC comes online automatically after progressing past a certain point.
- Tose. T "whenever" typo
- Instructions for installing fonts added

1.3.0 Fixes
- Monster of the Month back online
- New Side Content Battle added

1.2.5 Fixes
- Typos
- D-Down Pound "Finish" for Mario
- Secret Boss's Death in battle is fixed
- Fixed battle song still playing after secret boss

1.2.4 Fixes
- Mario's Battle Stance takes 3 SP
- Edited Luck's Last Stand's, Critical Rush, Lucky Touch's, Final Strike, so they're not as cheap.
- Konnor Typo

1.2.3 Fixes
- Typos
- Rolling Billows cutscene glitch if return late in game.
- Final Strike does Criticals 60% of the time and costs 5 BP.
- "Splash Hammer Finish" fixed
- Wuzzel Woods blocks re-entry fixed.
- Safety Boots Badge for Mario gettable

1.2.2 Fixes
- Throne Room in Rolling Billows people and dialogue fixed.
- Numerous Typos fixed
- Escape Escape! and Fleet Feet badges fixed

1.2.1 Fixes
- Bug causing Combo Assist to give random states such as Paralyzed or Fainted.
- Bug when returning to two of the boss rooms in the Morterers and the KK Bases.

1.2 Fixes
- Passability error in West Cheddar Desert
- Fixed the black screen when you re-enter Kammy's part of Swiss Sanctuary (completely now)
- Fixed Mixing of Technical and Technical+ Ores

1.1 Fixes
- Metal Ore + Light Ore is fixed to make Glowing Metal Ore.
- Fixed being able to walk across a sand pathway in Cheddar Desert without hitting a switch.
- Fixed the black screen when you re-enter Kammy's part of Swiss Sanctuary.

You can redownload and just place your "Save01" file in the new folder.

It's another day in Bowser's Castle. The Koopa King is recanting his past glories to a script toad (stolen of course) as suggested by his advisor Kammy Koopa. It's going rather poorly. A Koopa servant bursts into the room with urgent news: "Your Ruthlessness, there are some weird things going down in the dungeon!" Annoyed with the incompetence of his minions, King Bowser heads down the fix the problem with Kammy right behind him. Little did they know that this little disturbance would become a big problem, and Castle of the Koopa would soon be the stage for the fight fate of their world!

Discover the history and mystery of the 8 Starlites and the powers they hold. Team up with friends, foes, and new acquaintances as you all work together to stop a new threat!


-20-30 hours of gameplay in the main story
-Vibrant cutscenes with expressions and effects, making full use of the sprites, and even going beyond
-Action Commands (Timed Hits)
-Timed Defense (Like Paper Mario)
-Full, Paper Mario style badges (All skills learned from badges)
-Mouse Support in battle and in field
-Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Kammy, and 2 Minions playable
-4 types of badges (Party, Mario, Luigi, and Bowser)
-Control Bowser/Kammy on main field at certain points of the game
-New, mouse-based first strike system
-Helpful HUD coupled with use of overworld skills
-Many sidequests that lead to powerful secret bosses
-Online Starlite Stream that allows you to fight specialized enemy's. Monster of the Moment
-Large assortment of minigames, both in the main quest and for side quests.

Keyboard Script by Cybersam & Synthesize
Mouse System by Shun
Sideview Batle System 2.2xp by Enu, Atoa
Title Skip XP by Punk
MOG Menu by Moghunter
Individual Battle Commands by Atoa
Battle Windows by Atoa
HP/SP/EXP Meter by Atoa
Destruction Engine by Rataime
Parallax Background by Dubealex
Autoscolling Panoramas by RPG Advocate
Hero and Event Frame Script 1.1 by The Sleeping Leonhart
Modified Advanced Weather Script by Ccoa & Agckuu Coceg
New Particle Engine by Arevulopapo
Enemy Detection System by Gubid
Advanced Message Script by XRXS Scripter
Battle Report by Raziel
Alchemy Pot by The Sleping Leonhart

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Super Mario RPG: The Starlite Worlds: The Timeline (50,000 Downloads)

SMRPG: Starlite Worlds has passed 50,000 downloads!
To celebrate, here's the final video and sendoff.
"The Timeline"

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Edit: Nevermind, I just realized the answer I was looking for was in earlier comments.
It was about the password asked by the Stone Guardian in Rolling Billows after you complete the 3 achievements.

The password is Starfall
Yes, if you're wondering why, Starlite Worlds got DMCA'd. Download is gone, gamejolt is gone.
Not really a surprise I guess.
I had better not link it but there are still two good way to get this game if you want to play it.
i tried looking for an alternative download but i couldn't find one, at least not one with the newest version, if it is not too much to ask, can you contact me and give me a ling, thanks in advance
Yes, if you're wondering why, Starlite Worlds got DMCA'd. Download is gone, gamejolt is gone.
Not really a surprise I guess.
I had better not link it but there are still two good way to get this game if you want to play it.
I don't know why but when i click on download it takes me to the download page but there is no download it just says

Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.

And i made sure i had adblock off just in case.
What do you mean by source code?

the scripts? If so, then no.
does the source code work for VX ace or MV?

Sorry, we only coded the First Strike system with the mouse.
I know it's a Mario fan game, but during development we thought of the game as "PC" game, so we tried to utilize the mose in all aspects. Some of the implementation could've been better, but the mouse is used for mini games, attacks (all the Starlite attacks use mouse exclusively) and others. We didn't want it to just be tacked on, but rather a part of the experience.

I use a controller when I game on my PC so I can understand if it is offputting at first.
Great game! Any way we can use the controller instead of the mouse to initiate the battles with the advantage?
Yeah, we didn't make a way to delete badges from the array. Sorry about that.
Are you asking if you can walk faster? If so, no there's no only one-walk speed.

Remove as in delete from the array?
Or remove as take off the badge? You can take off the badge by pressing "C" on it again. To unequip it.

Ok one speed got it.

I was talking about removing the badges from the array i have a few badges in my menu that are just in the way of badge i want to keep i mean i really don't want the swap badges i made but they are still in the way.
Are you asking if you can walk faster? If so, no there's no only one-walk speed.

Remove as in delete from the array?
Or remove as take off the badge? You can take off the badge by pressing "C" on it again. To unequip it.
Hi i just found this game and i have to say so far i love this game i only have a few issues and if someone could help i would be very happy :)

OK first is something that may have a fix for by a item or badge you walk to slow in this game i wish i could run. (I'm only a little bit in the game so no issue if there is a badge if not...i will deal.)

And the only other thing is i can't get rid of badges and i really want to remove a few of my badges like i have 2 badges that help me run away.....thing is i just got one that makes it so i can always run away 100% so i want to remove the other 2 so i can have more room.
You don't have to beat the secret bosses.

In previous games I've made, people have grinded exponentially and always wanted a bigger challenge. That's why I spent so much time with all the side bosses. Especially considering the game is beatable at 30-35. So it's just a choice.

Thanks, I found the passability error and the mistake with the Pirhana battle in Lonestar lands. They'll be fixed in the next update.

I'll look into discarding badges, but I'll admit it's unlikely since the game is already done. Though the badge system script is completely custom, it'd still require more change and work than udivision would probably want to do at this point. (This is C-Div writing.)
The Ancient is beatable as low as level 50. And you can equip multiple of the same badge, but I would also like a way to be able to throw away excess badges.
I am officially conceding from completing the rest of the optional quests....that boss after that riddle is way too hard even for someone at lv 99. I will admit I didn't utilize the badge system. Nice game otherwise. I did run into two minor bugs:

- In the final area (can't remember name) after where the room blows you down at times, you are able to walk off the floor in one area into the background.

- In the starlite world where you are looking for an item (luigi is the hero); the area where you control bowser and only bowser, there was an enemy on the left side where I clicked for first attack. I went into battle but the game froze after the bowser icon appeared. I did her bowser walking around when I moved the arrow keys but I had to re-start the game.

A suggestion: for a future update, can you make it where you only can make one of the same badge? On my badge screen, I have multiple badges that are the same. It's annoying.
Wait, is that the
Red Monty Mole who asks for Tasty Tonics?

If so I found him and did his quest, but then never talked to him again... Oops.
In the arcade, the recipe lists and ore -> badge items tell you what mixes with what, and what ores make what badges.


I'm assuming you weren't able to get any of the "suit" badges then? There's someone that you can trade items to in order to get those badges. After Wuzzel Woods and before Mushroom Mountain, there's a map that has a monty mole who will make these trades.

For the Hammer! badges, you need a cactus punch to trade. I assume that was what matski was referring to eariler when he asked about making the cactus punch.
In the ending credits, Kammy and Bowser discuss a specific operation.

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