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The Badge System in Seven Sages was okay. In no way was it really able to copy the likes of the Paper Mario badge system. At the most it was a reference, perhaps a nod in the general direction, to the PM system, but in actuality nothing like it. In The Seven Sages, badges were a minor thing, didn't influence battle too much, and there weren't to many of them.

This time around, in what I've dubbed the Advanced Badge System, things are a lot different. Much like Paper Mario, badges will play a big role in The Starlite Worlds. All of your skills are learned from them instead of by level. There are party badges (like in Seven Sages) but also badges for each individual hero. However, the badge points needed to equip badges are shared by the whole party. Just like when you buy an equipment for Mario, you use the entire party's Gold Coins, equipping the Fire Flower Badge to Mario will use the BP stock from the party. This feature allows you to balance your characters the way you see fit. Stack Bowser with strong moves and leave the Bros. with only basic skills? Only equip badges that boost the whole party? It's up to you.

The Badge system and it's involvement in skills has made Seven Sages Suit system obsolete. This may be a step backwards in some people eyes, but it's really not. In actuality, it advances the Suit concept to an even higher level.

This time around, YOU MAKE THE SUITS. The Badge systems allows for this type of customization. For example if you want a "Fire Mario," then give him badges with fire-based attacks, badges that make fire moves stronger, and even equipment that raises his resistance to fire and lowers it ice. And there you have it, your very own Fire Mario.

Seven Sages had rigid, predetermined changes in skills/attributes which we called Suits. But badges allow for you to change things to fit your playing style. Are you a defensive player? Equip Defend Plus, Pretty Lucky, and Damage Dodge to lessen the damage of your foe's blows. Would rather go all out? Equip high damaging/high risk moves, badges like Power Plus or Charge. Again it's really up to you.

List of badges:
Total: 83
M=Mario, L=Luigi, B=Bowser, P=Party, A=Ally

All or Nothing (M,L,B,A)
Appeal (M,L,B,A)

Bonus Booster (M,L,B,A)

Charge (M,L,B,A)
Charge Boost (P,A)
Chill Hammer(M)
Close Call (M,L,B,A)
Combo Assist(P)
3-Man Combo Assist (P)
Critical Burst (M,L,B,A)
Critical Power (M,L,B,A)
Critical Rush (M,L,B,A)

Damage Dodge (M,L,B,A)
Daredevil (M,L,B,A)
Defend Plus (M,L,B,A)
Double EXP (P,A)

Earth Swap (M,L,B,A)
Escape, Escape! (P)

Fast Feet (P)
First Attack (P)
First Attack+ (P)
First Strike (P)
Fireball (M)
Fire Breath (B)
Fire Mastery (M,B)
Fire Rush (M,L,B,A)
Fire Swap (M,L,B,A)
Flame Hammer (M)
Fleet Feet (P)
Flower Saver (M,L,B,A)
FP Drain (M,L,B,A)
Freebie Finder (P)

Hammer (M,L)
Hammerman (M,L)
Healthy Flower (P)
Healthy Flower+ (P)
Healthy Flower++ (P)
Healthy Heart (P)
Healthy Heart+ (P)
Healthy Heart++ (P)

Ice Mastery (M)
Ice Swap (M,L,B,A)
Item Magnet (P)
Item Technician (P)
Item Technician+ (P)
Item Technician++ (P)

Jumpman (M,L)
Jump (M,L)


Last Stand (M,L,B,A)
Luck's Last Stand (M,L,B,A)
Luck's Last Stand+ (M,L,B,A)
Lucky Touch (M,L,B,A)
Lucky Touch+ (M,L,B,A)

Man-at-Arms (M,L,B,A)
Mega Rush (M,L,B,A)
Mega Fire Rush (M,L,B,A)


Payday (P)
Pity Flower (M,L,B,A)
Power Jump (M,L)
Power Plus (M,L,B,A)
Power Rush (M,L,B,A)
Power Start (M,L,B,A)
Pretty Lucky (M,L,B,A)
Punch (B)


Refund (P)
Repeat Attack (M,L,B,A)
Revenge Flower (M,L,B,A)
Revenge Sight (M,L,B,A)
Revenge Strike (M,L,B,A)
Risky Miser (M,L,B,A)

Safety Boots (M,L,B)
Secret Item Finder (P)
Shock Hammer (L)
Slow Go (P)
Splash Hammer (L)
Spring Jump (M)
Striker Magnet (P)
Sun Hammer (M,L)
Sunny Day (P)
Swagger (M,L,B,A)
Synch Up (P,M,L,B)

Thunder Mastery (L)

Water Mastery (L)