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Tetrodi: City of the Seven. First built as a haven for the devout, it's gothic skyscrapers have become overgrown with the countless pipes, rails and gears that have brought the metropolis fully into the steampunk age. Beneath suspended trains and tickertape billboards, its citizens are putting up the first decorations for the annual Feast of Millicenia in just four days.

Preparing his church for the increased foot traffic this time of year is Darius, the aging parish priest. Learning firsthand that the Seven rarely answer prayers, he's developed his own way of tending his flock. By day he listens to their troubles...and by night he takes to the Tetrodi streets to deal with their tormentors firsthand. Because Darius is possessed by a powerful demon, and in his twilight years he's going to make sure the city is a just little safer one body at a time. But as the militant Eyes of Heaven begin to arrive for the holiday celebration, he'll have to be deadly careful to protect his secret identity.

Pray for the innocent. Prey on the wicked. Because in a city where technology is making people lose their humanity, only someone inhuman can balance the scales.


• Play as Father Darius, changing forms at will: harness white magic and soothing words when human and unleash horrific attacks as a demon. But make sure no one publicly sees you change! A city's vigilante would be nothing without his secret identity, and your own church would hunt down someone so impure. The different heroes of the story will sometimes join you in a second party member slot, but you'll have to wait until they're occupied or incapacitated first (both Blind and Sleep can prove invaluable to the priest-beast on the go.)

• Man the confessional booth to hear who's hurting your parishioners, choosing which targets are sinful enough to receive your special attention. Choice and temptation are all around you...do you heal the person caught in the attack last night, or do you only pretend to heal him so he can't reveal your identity?

• Via meditation, travel through metaphysical paths to keep your dark side in check...or not. Learn flashbacks of the past while learning new skills and powers, altering your demon form and customizing your fighting style. Some paths build on prerequisite powers, others on your cobbled morality.

• Fight a bestiary filled with rocketeering bandits, coal powered knights, and demons with itchy trigger fingers. Top hats with goggles are almost as requisite as your passport.

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