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   Geddon, the leader of the dreaded space pirates, has escaped from his inter-dimensional prison and fled with his gang to a tiny backwater planet called Earth. Daoki is a law enforcer who was horribly disfigured during the escape. Transformed into a cyborg, he must recapture or kill them all before they can plunder our planet and return to destroy the Unified Star League.
   When Daoki finds the criminals, he is ambushed and left for dead. With no way home and most of his systems damaged, he must restore his body and with the aid of some new friends, take Geddon and his minions down for good.

Proposed in-game features (subject to change):
• Collect clues and solve mysteries to track down criminals
• Use different styles of combat "techs" to exploit enemy weaknesses
• Discover new combat techs in battle
• Holographic disguises- infiltrate areas and use stealth to achieve your objectives
• Concept-based repair system: By interacting with the world, Daoki can rediscover lost abilities
• Explore new areas as more of your abilities are unlocked
• No random encounters, you can use stealth to avoid unnecessary combat situations.
• Integrated mini games that blend in with the story, rather than being extraneous distractions
• Custom menu and battle systems
• Cultural references, some obscure, some not so obscure
• Soundtrack by Project Pitchfork

Daoki- A law enforcer from another star system. With his body damaged during the prison break, his brain was transferred into an experimental cyborg body. Capturing the escaped felons is now his highest priority.
Ray- A young man who discovers the damaged Daoki in an abandoned train car. He helps the cyborg repair his damaged systems and teaches him how to blend in with the locals.
Fran- Ray's older sister, who has to look after him, since their father died and mother works two jobs. She doesn't know of Daoki's origins and develops a crush on one of his disguised forms.
Cyndi- Ray's best friend, a young tomboy who is also a whiz with computers and electronics. When Ray discovers Daoki's body, Cyndi is the first person he turns to for help.
Geddon- Leader of a gang of ruthless space pirates. After breaking out of prison, he led his gang to Earth, in order to lay low and stage his attack on those who imprisoned him. He has gathered the 16 most wanted criminals in the galaxy to wage war on the Unified Star League and crush them. His attacks center on the use of dual beam swords and technologically-enhanced psionic powers.

Time Trax
Total Recall 2070
First Wave
I Come in Peace
Iria: Zieram the Animation
Armitage III
Tenchi Muyo! in Love
Metroid Series
Metal Gear Series
Who Goes There? (aka The Thing)
Lensman (the books and the anime)
Appleseed (Bri, specifically)
Front Mission Series
Hitman Series
Dr. Who
Stargate Series
The music of Project Pitchfork

Xenocop ©1998. All rights reserved.

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A long time coming....

A lot has happened in the time since my last post, some good , a lot of bad. But I haven't given up on this project. Been working on learning more 3D modeling, as well as Photoshop. I'll eventually get back on this full steam, but in the meantime, I'm putting this post out mostly to protect my concept. A search of Xenocop brings up this page as well as my other blog page that was set up for school assignments. But there are some other Xenocop titles from Artists as well as a sci fi book description. I'm not too concerned with them, but this title has been MINE since the 90's. So this is just a little reminder to all you aspiring space crime writers: HANDS OFF.

That's enough marking for now.
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