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Alcarys Complex has been Greenlit!

  • Pasty
  • 12/08/2014 06:01 PM
Hi. Just poking my head in here to let you know that Alcarys Complex has emerged from the Steam Greenlight furnace victorious. I am currently in the process of filing the paperwork with Valve to become a Steam partner so I can get the ball rolling.

I'd like to thank everybody for the support that allowed it to come this far, whether you backed here, bought a copy directly from me, got it in a bundle, or bought a copy at a trade show or convention. I like to think that this in some way validates my persistent maintenance on the game. It's hard to believe I've been doing this for two years and some change, with more stuff to come.

So, here's a quick primer on what's going to happen and how:

When's the Steam version of Alcarys Complex coming out?

As you may (or may not know), Alcarys Complex is a game that is a couple years old. It has also been undergoing persistent maintenance and improvements, and this will continue for a while. The current released version is 1.03, but this isn't the version that's going to launch on Steam.

Alcarys Complex will be getting its first major feature update, version 1.1, no later than the end of the first half of 2015. The Steam version of AC will be this version of the game.

What are you waiting for?

The delay is mostly to give the Steam version a rigorous testing period on all platforms and to provide certain essential features that 1.03 doesn't have, like Steamworks integration and true widescreen.

Who is entitled to Steam keys?

Making your purchase through the following venues entitles you to a Steam key:

  • Kickstarter
  • Groupees' Be Mine 13 Bundle
  • Indie Royale Debut 16 Bundle
  • Direct purchase through modestarcade.com
  • Digital purchase on Desura
  • Digital purchase on itch.io
  • Physical purchase at any Modest Arcade trade show table

When will we get our Steam keys?

You'll get your keys when 1.1 drops.

What features will the Steam version of the game include?

Cloud saves, for sure. I'm also considering including cloud saves in the DRM-free version of the game, but we'll have to wait and see. Other than that, I'll make decisions about what features are and aren't appropriate closer to 1.1. I'll definitely need to make some of these decisions with the assistance of a Steam account manager.

If you have any questions I haven't covered here, feel free to ask them. Anyway, have a good day.

- Johnathan


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Ha! Congrats! Way to be persistent. I hope this becomes a boon for you. You should write up your experience with getting this greenlit someday as an article.

I'm worried the text of the article would literally be "I let the page sit for six months and didn't go to it because it gave me panic attacks every time I thought about doing anything with it"

Seriously, though, I kind of want to write something about the work I've done maintaining the game in an article that would fold in Greenlight, the bundles, the updates, a really in-depth look at the ins and outs of Kickstarter backer delivery, etc, if only because I need to get a few things off my chest. So your prodding is appreciated 8)
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