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World 1: The Blockplains

The first world Mario will visit in his quest are the serene Blocklands. It is a simple, breezy land of rolling hills, giant mushrooms and towering blocks, but it is not without danger to the unaware. Mario must face underground passages and treacherous mushroom forests if he is to defeat the Koopa Troop. Rumor has it that Larry Koopa has constructed a fortress somewhere at the edge of the plains....

World 2: Pirate Cove

The second land Mario will visit has long been a haven for pirates. Dig in the sandy beaches, search for buried treasure, plunder shipwrecks, and dive into the hidden lagoons for clues! Legend has it that a ship sank here long ago, and now lies haunted at the bottom of the cove. Wendy O's dreaded Pirate Armada is waiting for Mario at the end.

World 3: The Ancient Desert

The Ancient Desert is a mysterious land filled with shattered ruins of the ancient civilization ruled by the dreaded pharaoh Koopa-Ra. Now it is a haunted, desolate land filled with ghosts and other horrors. Mario must brave deadly quicksand, churning volcanic caverns, and even find the legendary City of Gold! If he survives the horrors lurking in the dark places of the desert, he must brave an ancient Pyramid to face Morton Koopa. Rumor has it that a wise old Toad who can help Mario lives somewhere in the desert...

World 4: The Jungle Gorge

The Jungle Gorge is one of the strangest places in the Mushroom Kingdom, inhabited by many bizarre creatures, giant monsters, and even dinosaurs! Mario must cross the most treacherous terrain yet in this land, climb through the canopy, swing from vines, trudge through swamps, and face the many strange horrors that live there. At the end of the jungle, Lemmy Koopa has constructed a nightmarish fortress of pipes for Mario to navigate. Perhaps the friendly tribe of Yoshis who live in the Jungle can aid Mario?

World 5: Pandora Mountain

Pandora Mountain is the highest peak in all the Mushroom Kingdom! Mario must reach the top to complete his quest. He must outrun avalanches, face deadly ski jumps, and brave the perils of the dark caverns that lace the mountain. Iggy Koopa has taken control of an old fortress here, and Mario shall have to face Roy Koopa's deadly Airship Fleet before he reaches the mountain peaks.

World 6: The Moon

Mario's most dangerous challenges yet still lie before him on the moon. He must navigate the zero gravity of space, face UFOs, tanks, and other strange new enemies, and survive Ludwig von Koopa's treacherous Machine City! Even after reaching the end, Mario must still rescue the Princess from Bowser's Moon Base, where Bowser himself waits with his new secret weapon....