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Online Play

I just found a guide for how to connect to other people and play this game cooperatively online. It is amazingly complicated and unintuitive, just like everything else in SMBX.

I just have to know, has anyone tried or done this? I'm really interested to know if it works. If anyone manages to get this to work, post here and let us know about it! I think it would be really cool (and likely game-breaking!) for people to be able to play Moon Base together.


Please post bugs or other suggestions!

SMBX is not perfect and neither are we. If you find any bugs, or anything else in the game that seems broken or in dire need of fixing, please post it here so that it may be addressed in an orderly fashion.

I will go first. Apparently I had a typo in the very first sentence of the game. Go me. This will be added to the list of things to correct for the next version.

Thank you, and happy Mario-ing!


The Secret Revealed!

Many of you have likely noticed many strange updates on the front page over the past few months, for a game that appeared to have multiple developers but was not accessible to the public at large. Some clever people might even have been able to see what those updates were about if they knew where to look, but for the most part it remained a mystery to many confused people. Just what was this mystery game and why couldn’t they see it? That game has finally been unveiled, Mario vs the Moon Base!

It all started shortly after the first RMN Bros project wrapped up. Kentona expressed interest in making a traditional Mario game in the style of Super Mario 3; a world map, multiple worlds with specific themes, mid-castles, end bosses, secret exits, the works. GreatRedSpirit, Hexatona, and myself expressed interest in working on such a project and began throwing ideas around in IRC. Kentona eventually came up with a particularly cool world theme, a Space World, ending with a Moon Base. This world and the Moon Base ended up becoming the focal point of the project, and Mario vs the Moon Base was born.

Originally intended just to be a fun side-project, the game slowly began to become quite large and complex, with a variety of creative, fun and interesting levels being created. We had so many levels that the project ended up going several months over-schedule. The project had its lulls in production like any other game on the site, the creators are all very busy people after all, but these lulls were often followed by bursts of activity and eventually we felt the game was ready for testing.

Several members, MaxMcGee, Deckiller, and ShortStar were approached to test the levels of the game. They all provided some very useful feedback, and Deckiller even submitted a guest level to the game! kentona, aka The World’s Best World Map Guy, made the world map, and soon the game was ready for launch!

Although you are only seeing this page for the first time now, the game page was created months ago to use as a hub for the production of the game, as a place for everyone to post their levels and receive feedback for them. These updates often took over the front page, but because the page was hidden, no one could view these updates. I am sure the staff was ready to kill us with the number of confused patrons messaging them wondering why they couldn’t view these pages. I’m sure they’ll be happy to know it has finally come to an end.

But now, the mystery has been revealed, and we’re happy to report that the game is complete and ready to be played! We all had a blast working together on this project and we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed working on it. We are very open to feedback, so if you have any comments or criticisms of the project, please do not hesitate to tell us about it!

Finally, SMBX is a fickle beast, and while the game was tested pretty extensively, it is still possible that the odd bug or glitch might show up. If you encounter any problems with the game, please let us know!

Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy Mario vs the Moon Base!

-Team Moon Base
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