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Griff plays Mario vs. the Moon Base.

  • NewBlack
  • 09/06/2011 05:06 PM
Griff Plays - Mario vs the Moon Base

Preamble: "...Who?"
Picture the scene: It's about 4am where you live, you're sitting up mashing F5 and idling on IRC when Kentona, GRS, Hexatona, Solitayre and Deckiller finally release their months-in-the-making super-secret project to the RMN public in completed form. You hurriedly download it, along with all necessary utilities to run it and even set up some recording software to do a bit of a play-through; only to swiftly and embarrassingly remember -
You suck at Mario.

So a couple of days later your good friend Griff comes around to hang out for a few days and you remember that not only is he pretty awesome at most video games, but that he also likes Mario and has completed all the SNES-era games. You decide a good idea is to spend the next three days having your friend Griff play through MvTMB whilst you record and talk utter shit. The following videos are but a few "highlights" of those three-ish days of playing this game. There's not really any proper "Let's Play!" style commentary or anything but there's... erm.. Something.
Sometimes there are other friends of mine present in the recording, most of the time it's just Griff and myself talking bollocks and playing video games.

Basically - this was not recorded with the express intention of being shown to a public audience.

Also it's worth noting that Griff tends to call things "shit" all the time when he's not winning - It doesn't mean he has a negative opinion of the game; he did play the entire thing over three days after all - This seemed to confused some people who originally watched these videos.



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