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Nice and Easy SMBX Game That is Certainly Worth Playing

  • Frozelar
  • 01/23/2014 02:58 PM
A couple of notes before the review:
- Just in case anyone cares, I played through the game on YouTube.
- Minor spoilers are present throughout the review, however I hide major spoilers.
- I also played through the game 100% and I tried to collect as many dragon coins as I could, although I didn't collect all of them.

Mario vs. the Moon Base is a fairly simple SMBX game with a seemingly rompy-style to it. It's a great start if you're unfamiliar with SMBX or are just looking for a fun little game to play, however may not be for you if you're an experienced SMBX player looking for a challenge or high difficulty. Overall, the game was extraordinarily fun and I would recommend it to others.

Aesthetics/Environments (aka Music/Graphics)
As far as graphics, the game didn't present anything super fancy or flashy, but I'm perfectly okay with that, personally. There were only some graphical tweaks here and there, like edits to Yoshi or a recolor of an NPC or a small edit of some tile or background object. It didn't drift from the Mario game style or feel, which I feel is a great style for a SMBX game to have.

There was never any fancy music either, except for at the end of the game. It mostly stuck with original Mario music, which once again, kept the Mario game feel and I think is a good style to stick to.

These are the main categories I look at when determining whether or not I like a particular game. In this case, Mario vs. the Moon Base really impressed me. Nearly every level brought something unique and creative to the table. For example (spoiler):
I really liked how, in a couple space levels, water was used to represent updrafts and zero-gravity. While it was a little awkward, I really appreciate and respect how creative it is.

As far as difficulty, the game was pretty darn easy until the end (with perhaps a couple exceptions), which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I feel like the game picked the perfect place near the end to pick up its difficulty. This creates much more of a satisfied feeling when the player completes the game.

My only real complaint with the game, which isn't even really a complaint, is that there weren't very many levels that stuck with me or seemed memorable. I never played a level that I didn't have a lot of fun with, but most of the levels up until the end of the game I just breezed through. My favorite levels would either have to be Lifeline or the final level. Lunar Eclipse was a good one, too.

So, overall I thought the game was fantastic. Great job, Solitayre, GreatRedSpirit, Hexatona, and kentona! I'd like to thank you all for creating Mario vs. the Moon Base.


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Thanks for the review! I will be sure to check out the Let's Play. As just a bit of history, this game was started during SMBX v1.2, and later updated to v1.3 when it was released - a lot of customization were introduced in v1.3 but we were pretty deep into development by then to consider an overhaul. Plus, we always intended to make a SMB3 styled game.

Thanks for playing and taking the time to review!
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
Thanks for the review! I'm glad people are still playing and enjoying this.
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