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This is my first PC game witch i created. Game is not finished but i am still thinking or finish this project.

In this game game, you can use one of the two player. After selecting your character will begin to carry out
This is my first PC game

basic tasks, which reveal important developments. Tired of tasks you can fish, buy a pet, chat with people or just explore the world. Game had the stress of the action scenes and intriguing history. Your basic destination is to find who killed your master and carried off your friend.


This game takes you into a world dominated by magic, wizards, magical creatures, enemies and ranges known treasures, a variety of magic items and drinks. the game tells the story of three kingdoms, which occupied the evil servants, the three rulers of the temple. From first glance, it seems that the game ends, and indeed for anything but hiding something more, but find out who played this simple but fun RPG game.



Skills:Heal and Cross cut
About:Melee specialist, a well-mastered sword fighting though they may fight and an axe or a bow


Skills:Heal and Ice
About:The opposite of the first figure is highly professional fight, pay a lot of curse can use a magic stick and bow.


1.Game uses BlizzABS combat system
2.You can buy your house or pet
3.Farming system
4.Fishing and cooking system
5.Woodcuting system
6.Mining system
7.Level up with points
8.Some minigames
9.Some puzzles
10.Rigorous action scenes
11.Good story
and much more....

1. HUD - Z
4. SKILL - A
8. MENU / BACK - E
9. ITEM - Q



Sorry for my bad english!!!

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Game demo is ready for downlaoding.(Lithuanina language)
In future will be and English language.

Every day i fixing game bugs.

Currently i working on my website. Now website is Lithuanian language, i want to do that website will be English and Lithuanina languages. In future my website will be english language.

Website is fully updated. Now site is english and lithuanian languages.

Tutorial fixed

Added shadows system

fixed some bugs

Now you can download new game version Three Temples Demo v1.1
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  • 06/24/2010 10:40 AM
  • 09/03/2010 10:40 PM
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I couldn't get past the main menu. Nothing would accept "New Game", no matter what I pressed. When I clicked download, I'm first taken to a webpage in a foreign language, and had to hunt around for the actual download link there. Others may not wish for the hassle, so a suggestion may be that to skip over that website and go directly to the download.
who am i and how did i get in here
If this is like other blizz abs games the "H" Should work to select new game.
I added controls and changed download link to direct (zippyshare)
Guardian of the Description Thread
I have a few notations of the game you may or may not be aware of:

It was by trial and error that I discovered that W,A,S,D was character/cursor movement and H was "accept". If that's the default control for Blizz ABS, then so be it. Personally, I've never used it before, so it was very unsettling to not control the game via "normal" input.

The opening credit sequence was annoying. Basically, all it is was the title screen (modified with various credit text, obviously) and "Bring Me to Life". I'm not necessarily hating on Evanescense, but this is simply not fun. Now, if there was stuff going on while the credits were rolling, that would be a different critter, wouldn't it?

If Evanescense's "Bring Me To Life" is the title music, why not make that your title screen's music instead of "Theme01" from the RTP? Just a minor suggestion.

The biggest issue so far, though, is the text. Or lack thereof. The opening cutscene I'm seeing is a bunch of blank textboxes with various scenes in the background. Then I hit the Name Entry. I can see those letters just fine, so I was able to enter a name. Then the game takes over again. More empty textboxes, then I get what I presume to be a Show Choice. Except I can't see what the choices are! Broken!

Somehow, I managed to get spawned on some kind of overworld map. Or something? Anyway, as I figured, W, A, S, and D is movement. Z seems to access the closest thing this game has to a status screen. X brings up a quick-slot mechanic (does this work?). C brings up a mini-map (Cool!). Nothing else seems to do anything. GEE, THANKS FOR TELLING ME BEFORE I GOT INTO THE GAME!

Exploring the game-space I find I can't return to old areas? Tell me this is a bug that you're looking into fixing!

Talking to people with H is pointless, since I still don't see any text. This is bad. I will inevitably need to talk to someone to advance the plot. Or know what the hell is going on, for that matter!

Oh no! Enemies! I could probably use H on them to deal damage, but one can never really tell. I'm not too keen on taking damage while I'm trying to figure out how the combat engine is supposed to work.

Sorry if I'm sounding over-critical but this game, in it's current incarnation, turns me off in so many ways.

*Edit: Oh, so now you tell me how to play the game. Could have used that information last night! *grumble*
Okay man i accept your critic, but in my opinion intro is not bad. I dont understant why in my game no text, because in my pc works fine and i tried on other pc.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I have no idea why the text isn't displaying either. I mean it feels like something should be there, but...

I'm curious now. Does anyone else who has downloaded this experience this oddness, or is it just me?
My guess is that the game designe is using a font most people don't have installed on their computers. The game designer (sorry, can't see the names of users on this thread) will need to either download that font for all to use, or at the very least tell us where we can go to download it. Once you get the font from him then you will need to insert it into your fonts directory (C:\Windows\Fonts), restart the game, and the text should be there. This is usually the case for games that use fonts outside of the norm.

As for Evanescense, well, I think I liked that more than they typical approach these days, which is to use Kingdom Hearts or some other popular music piece. In fact, the top 4 games people pull music from is Final Fantasy VII, Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, and Kingdom Hearts. So I welcome the change.

However, I do agree waiting through the slow, sluggish credits, while listening to the music and waiting for the game to get underway tends to weigh on a person's patience. My suggestion is to do something similar to Final Fantasy 3 for the DS, so that while the music is playing, in between brief periods of credits, add in some in-game scenes. So it would go credits, game area, next set of credits, next game area.
Thanks amerkevicius than your opinion and tips. But font that i used was Balloon XBd TL, now i changed font in standart arial and times new roman(for characters name). I think that now text works.
What your opinion amerkevicius?Whether or not to complete this project?
Guardian of the Description Thread
As for Evanescense...

I not saying it's a bad move. Hearing BOA's "Duvet" at the title screen of Final Fantasy - Endless Nova was pretty inspiring. I was expecting some kind of crystal music!

So it would go credits, game area, next set of credits, next game area.

That's what I was referring to when when I complained about the credits.

Whether or not to complete this project?

Obviously, you should complete the project! However, if you come to a point where you need feedback about what you're doing (i.e. you've just completed a Chapter, or similar bookmark), you could post what you have and watch the comments fly! That's what I'm doing!
Try now my game and i think that text will be shown
Guardian of the Description Thread
Played around with it a bit. I can see the text now! *cue angelic chorus*

If I can take Google Translator at (mostly) face value, the story is a very cliched one about your guy being The One Who Takes Down the Mighty Demon That's Been Asleep for Hundreds of Years. Tried and true, I suppose.

Did the controls change on me? *looking at the top of the page* Yes. Yes they did. "W" is accept and "E" is cancel now. The arrow keys work they way they should as well. Might wanna change the event in-game that talks about the control mechanism. That's still saying that WASD is movement (which is, oddly enough, what I was expecting).

Does the fishing mini-game work at all? I got the rod and the lure. I even equipped the rod as the instructions asked me to, but pressing H on the water titles on the first screen do nothing.

Does the fisherman not have any lines after you talk to him? The Merchant and the Fighter down the road say nothing as well. Eh? Oh wait, H doesn't do anything anymore. *frustration*

I was swinging my sword, dealing 0 damage to the insects on the fourth (or maybe third) screen to the left. I'm just assuming this is a bug (no pun intended).
Damn i forgot to change all tutorial stages because when i changed contols tutorial didnt contravene to new controls. I must correct all this bugs.

As for sword you must equip sword. When you not equiped sword sprite was shown because its a bug and i dont know how to correct it.

Now fishing minigame working not at all, because it is DEMO!!!! i must correct many bugs.
Guardian of the Description Thread
That was the problem! My attack power was 0, thus my base damage is zero! Duh! But, I don't remember... oh, wait the merchant! I could buy stuff from him! Wait, I have no geld-pasil with which to but stuff with! Foiled again!

Don't worry too much about changing the sprite in relationship to combat. That's a minor issue, really. Still, it's nice to know that you're already thinking of tossing in a mini-game right at the outset of the game. It's kinda weird that the mini-game is right at the offset of the game, but it kinda works too. "How do I go after the Great Evil of the Apocalypse? I know, let's fish!" The formula worked in Breath of Fire, didn't it?
okay man wait a full game version and critic my then. I think about all your tips.

Show my your game. I review your game.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Well, you could have a look-see at Legacy Reborn but I'm pretty hard-nosed about what changes I make to it. Despite the obvious mapping crapastrophe and spelling errors.

The one I'm working on, Matsumori Days, is the one I'm more interested in receiving feedback.
What your opinion amerkevicius?Whether or not to complete this project?

You should stick with it. I really like the screenshots, I think it shows you have used the resources well, and XP has always had a sort of a unique look, kind of like a professional painting verses the typical video game tilesets of other makers. Your mapping also looks pretty good.

I'll play around with it to see if I can get the text to work based on the feedback.

In any case, it never hurts to finish a project, even if nobody else is fond of it but yourself. You can always go back once it's done and make changes based on suggestions, and there will always be room to improve. But I usually find more respect for a project that's been completed verses a project that's been abandoned, regardless of how good it may be.
How do you zoom in on the characters like you did in the intro????? I've been trying to figure that out for a while
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