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Nate is a student at an Archmage Academy whose brother is a Pillar Squad Leader in the Empire. When his Father, a hero to the world, becomes mysteriously ill, his brother sets off across the world to find him and bring him back to the village, where they can heal him or at least unite him with his family.
However, after two weeks with no sign of his brother, Nate gets worried, and with Maya, his close friend, and Dane, his brother's most-trusted teammate, he sets off to find his brother and Father with hope they are okay, unaware of the problems that face him outside his Academy and village.

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Blog #3 - Nathaniel Balthier

So, yeah. Hey guys.

Some of you may have heard about my new current project known as "Nathaniel Balthier." For those who haven't, it's a game I'm working on using VX ACE, as I believe it's a much more diverse engine to use.

You may have noticed that the main character shares the same name as the main character from Sacred Remnant, too. This is because the character from Sacred Remnant was like a shadow of the idea for Nathaniel Balthier; a side-story, if you'd like. Not in the way that they connect or intertwine, but in the way that I could use the character and show what his personality is.
So, although this game is technically "cancelled," the initial project isn't. I would have posted the first chapter of Sacred Remnant which lasted three to four hours, but my uncle reformatted my laptop the other week so I lost literally everything on my hard-drive, and the game was not on my external. It's unfortunate that I lost all the work, though it opens up the chance for better ideas and the like.

So, to finish off this blog, I am going to state a little about the differences with the projects.

Firstly, I've changed the battle system back to side-view, as in my opinion it's the system I myself prefer.
Secondly, the story is completely different, along with the characters other than Nate.
Also, I'm adding in a special feature I thought of where each character has their own unique skill for the map, such as "Jump" for Nate, where you're able to jump to ledges that without the skill would seem impossible, unlocking new treasures and areas, or "Solve" for Samuel, where you're able to take on puzzles. Each skill will have it's own "Skill Lv." which levels up every three of your levels. As they level up, the ability increases, such as "Jump" is able to reach farther distances and "Solve" is permitting harder challenges to be taken.

That's all I'm going to mention about the other game, as this is generally just a blog explaining the cancellation of Sacred Remnant, though I hope it's good enough.

Thanks to the 18 subscribers, and thanks to everyone for the support!
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  • 06/24/2010 06:06 PM
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Cool. It's up pretty quick this time.
When I first submitted I put the words working title beside it..
it got decline straight away.. but proberly because I said..
"yeah, yeah setting up my profile.. I'll add more to it later, twoodles"

I was proper gutted when I checked it.
Good windowskin by the way
It will be a while before the demo is out, due to me being too lazy to fix the scripts fully, so I have a few things to do before I can post the demo.
1) Need to fix the scripts.
2) Need to do more maps.
3) Need to add events for the story.
4) Need to post more screenshots.
5) NEED some GOOD battlebacks for the battle system.
For Reals. This looks amazing. I LOVE YOUR WINDOWSKIN.
Good work Dezz :) I'm pretty busy, but I could try to beta test if you need it.
I've been checking up on this for awhile, glad to hear it's coming out soon. I'm kind of busy myself, but I usually have plenty of time over the weekends, so if you need another beta tester, just let me know.
Oh, meant to say this before, you should really consider keeping the title, it's very good. Just make sure it applies to the game :)
I have to now. Someone made me a title for it.
Looks great Dezz. It seems that I've seen that font used elsewhere. Hm...
Haha, I believe it's used in yours, though I got it from 'Prophecy: The Demon Kingdom', as it was in the Fonts folder but wasn't used.
I added a 'Characters' tab page! Tell me what you think on that page (feedback), please.
Also, edited the storyline a bit too to make it more interesting!
Wow, this has caught my interest. Subscribed!
Woah, haven't updated this in a while.
Thanks, and glad to know its piqued your interest.

So, just to inform you all, I am still working on this, however I have no access to my internet for a while and my RPG Maker VX isn't working yet on my new laptop so far, but nothing much to worry about since it just lets me focus on the actual planning, dialogue, and other text-based duties that can be handled. Basically, I'm spending a decent amount of time in Notepad, Microsoft Excel, and other such programs to have the game fully planned before I work on the development once more, along with making dialogue text and reviewing it constantly to improve it and make it a little more enjoyable.
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