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Status: Complete <3

Playtime: About 7 Hours

"Main Theme" composed by C.S. Vallero


~ PLOT ~

A normal day in the serene village of Everdale. School's just been let out. The village is preparing for a birthday party. Mr. Ronedale has lost his chickens. Mrs. Apricot is baking a pie. And little Danais is consigned by his sister Farrah to buy a b'day present. Enter Skarsgaard, a local thief consigned by his boss to raid this serene village.

And then everything gets thrown into disarray. Danais is missing. Farrah has to go out in search of him and they end up in a town very far away from home! How are they going to get back? To make things more complicated, in comes a band of pirates, headed by Captain Grizzlybeard who is in a mid-life crisis, arrives in the port town. And the Mayor is suffering a migraine from demands from the townspeople: a clown needs cheering up, a young boy needs help wooing a girl, a shaman needs his monkeys returned, a thief needs to be caught, a merchant needs to be protected, and so much more!

How are Danais and Farrah going to find their way home in the midst of all this insanity?!



- A mildly tweaked battle system that includes a "Charge" and "Double Charge" system (see Features tab).
- Avoidable wandering encounters instead of random encounters.
- Some custom-made music tracks.
- Loads of minigame-oriented gameplay, including fishing, knife-throwing, balloon-popping.
- "Quest log"-styled gameplay in the second half. Just think about Bomber's Notebook from Majora's Mask (see Features tab.)
- One vibrant town in the second half instead of many towns, with many colourful characters you will need to interact with.
- A day/night system to accompany this town (see Features tab).
- Map system and Teleport system (see Features tab).
- A complete game with over 7 hours of gameplay.





Beta-testers: Neophyte, AznChipmunk

Other Special Thanks:
Guinness a.k.a. C.S. Vallero (some custom music)

Please feel free to comment or write a review!

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Man, am I glad I made my protagonist female. That is all. Avoided a major debacle there...



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Resident Terrapin
For all those wondering, this project was the precursor to a well-known and revered title from the last decade: Spike Lee's: The Twilight Zone
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
The creator is a personal friend of mine and it's one of those classic games that I have enjoyed many times. TFT gives this game an A++ for the memories.
an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
i cannot believe this game is now several years of age...
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
i think he finished it in like, 2005-2006. the trailers are good too, i remember when he was like WOAH WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER IS AWESOME! and i just kind of lol'd.
I finished in 2008, I think. I would've finished it earlier but, idk, got lazy.
Looks like A Home Far Away made it to rpgmaker.net...I've had fun in this game. Not the best, but it was fun and memorable while it lasted :)
My expression looks like the one in TFT's avatar.
Yeah, it was sorta under the radar for a while.
don't worry about mitsuhide he is new
This looks superb, downloadin' it.
Thanks =) Eager to hear anyone's comments about the game.
Oh man I remember this game <3
RMN sex symbol
I can still remember the thread at GW for this game. Feels like years since I played this.. Actually It probably has been years.
The demo was completed in late 2007. The full game was completed somewhere around 2008.
It was a pretty fun game. I remember really enjoying it and loving the ending. Maybe I'll give it a replay someday.
I'm not a girl O_O And I havent beat it yet. Started playing yesterday. I'm really enjoying it Good job!
Ditto, I'm not a girl either. Started playing this the other day and in Montrose Town now. I'm enjoying it a lot.
Forcing the player to do things that they know are wrong is a really bad idea. It results in several segments of this game being too frustrating to be fun and makes it difficult to play the game for extended periods without getting annoyed.
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