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Battle System

The battle system is the DBS, and it has been tweaked to include a Charge command, which allows the two main players to charge up their staffs to release a strong blast of energy towards an enemy. A character may charge TWICE to blast the entire enemy party.

Charging up.

Another minor addition is a StatsUp command, which could have either a good effect like recovery of HP and MP, or a negative effect such as inflicting a status ailment.

Quest and Mini-Game Oriented

The truth is that I dislike RPG Maker battles so I tried to cut it down to a minimum in the second half of the game and make it more quest and mini-game oriented - just think Majora's Mask Bomber Notebook stuff if you've played that game.

Some of the Mini-games:

Instead of having multiple towns, I decided to make the game revolve around one vivid town and fill it with interesting enough characters that your quests will revolve around. I tried to take this game in a different direction away from DBS battles. This game mostly deals with trying to solve people's problems by picking whatever sequence of quests you want and doing them. To do this, you have to adhere to people's schedules that run with a day/night system.

To the lower right of your screen is displayed a running clock that displays the time according to A.M. and P.M. The time will stand still while you are in any type of building, for example; someone's house, a shop, the library, etc. But time will run anytime outside of those, even in the town.

Certain stores in Willow Town only open during the day, such as Amis' General Store and Samson's Weaponry, while others only open at night, such as the Acorn Tavern and the Potpourri Shop. Different NPC's appear at different places at different times, and different enemies emerge during the night.

Here is Willow Square during the night and day, respectively:

In addition, here is a video touring several parts of the town during the day and night:

You can let time pass quickly by sleeping, which will let 8 hours pass anytime you do.
Times to note are:
6:00am - Daybreak
8:00pm - Nightfall
3:00pm - End of schoolday.

A minor feature is the Map System in the second half of the game, sold to you by creatures called Where-Wolves. These help show you places of interest, where you may have to go next in the game, or just guide you generally.


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