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Hey, how's everyone? Good? Awesome!

This project was first made to be a cute little story for RMRK's Game In A Week event, but sadly due to obvious time constraints, what me and JosephSeraph intended to create just didn't happen.

But all is not lost!

I have decided to continue this project sometime in the future in either XP or VX/A, with no storyline changes but with new mechanics and a more beautiful game in mind. So the game will retain it's cute light-hearted story and tone, but just be prettier. :)


It begins....sort of

Whoa, where did this game come from? Isn't Tezuka working on a Final Fantasy V fangame? Yes he is, but that doesn't mean he can't do anything else at the same time.

So to begin: Wanderer's Path is a game me and JosephSeraph started for RMRK's Game in a Week VI, but due to time constraints (obviously) and personal problems which occurred during the event, it couldn't be done in the time frame given. Since this was only for an event, we were almost going to drop it, but we decided against it in the end to see what the game will become.

Unlike Final Fantasy V-II, the only people working on this game are me, Shadowdude and JosephSeraph. Also unlike V-II, it is an original game with an original plot (which is actually straight out of my comfort zone :X), so both me and Seraph have room to incorporate ideas without stepping on toes of fans from a franchise.

At the moment I am still working on the battle system for the game and maps are still being created, so I can't upload any good screenshots at this time. What I CAN give you is a small video showing the menu almost complete (with a few character sprite placeholders)!

Updates about the battle system hopefully soon!
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