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A Zelda game I'm working on. I have a demo and a few screenshots of what some levels look like. I even have the sprite sheet used for link. Credit for this goes to the official zelda sprites thread and all who worked on it. URL:


And of course, Nintendo has all rights to the characters and world of Hyrule. Also, I have to thank the Shadow Corporation and all those who made the Legend of Zelda: Next Generation, whose game gave me the idea of making this in RMXP. It is actually a sequel to two other zelda games I made on RPG Maker 3 for PS2, and at some point, I promise to remake them on RMXP.

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Features Demo RELEASED

Sorry I'm a little late, but my RS! day II submission is done. Note, I couldn't properly test it due to time, but I think it is as done as I can for now (i.e. fully playable)

Now, some things I need to say that are a must to make it from start to end.

-ALWAYS MOVE. Most bossess will not be knocked back by your sword, so move and attack together.
-The spin attack has a bug where using it will not harm enemies on the bottom of your character.
-Against the 4th miniboss, you need bombs to win. DO NOT WASTEFULLY USE BOMBS AS YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO WIN IF YOU RUN OUT.
-I think I fixed this, but maybe not. The Esc. key (or X or 0) doesn't always open the menu. In case this happens to you, I made it so that you don't need to open the menu at all to make it through.
-If a fairy is flying in the room, save.
-There are 4 "dark Links" standing around that do nothing but make a sound affect. I put them there so I could have that effect for easy use in game and forgot to delete them.

I think that's it. The game takes about 1 hour to complete at most, probably less. And as stated before, it is not the regular storyline for the real game.

I hope you all enjoy.
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  • 09/23/2007 09:27 AM
  • 03/15/2011 03:32 PM
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Ah, you're so cool man. Thanks for giving me SOME credits!
Okay, I have 31 downloads on the game, yet nobody has commented to say what they think? Did I do something wrong on the game, or is it just not downloading? If anybody who downloaded it can read this, PLEASE say something. I only have Shadow Corp. thanking me and Kentona asking about my World Clock.....
Well... the Zelda (and his partners) graphics... weren't too great. They didn't blend with the rest and made it... a little odd to be exact. I like the idea though.
Thank you for telling me that...
I'll try to fix that up when I get RMXP for real. I wasn't too sure on that myself...
I'll try to make Link and co. more natural to the world of RMXP.
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO zelda RPG!?!?!?!? good taste (in both catagories)! i definitely wanna play it!
P.S. check out www.crankeye.com. they have a alot of zelda resources.
Thanks for the link, Spazz, but I prefer the sprite i edited from KingGamer20. It looks more natural to the RTP people and landscape, as well as the sprites I am still making.
By the way, anybody that wants to see a demo with the features I have listed, PLEASE check the forum "frozen battle system glitch". I AM STILL STUCK!!!!!!!!!
Awesome love the game im a huge fan of zelda awesome
also we met on freewebs
Ok, to answer.

In this old demo, you dismount Epona at a certain location.

But in my new version, there's a button that does it.
Trust me, the new version (if I can ever finish my features demo) will blow my old pathetic one out of the water.
Hey, the game is awesome! But I just don't know where to go! I want to go get Saria, but I can't go to the lost woods, I can't get Zelda, I can't get past the bridge. What do I do?
Ok, in this demo, you do not get Zelda. Go north. You'll find the answer.
Okay, um, I'm sorry to bother you with more questions on how to get through the game, but I can't find anything. I went in the cave with the old woman, but I can't to squat because I can't win the game and she vanishes. I can't do anything in the graveyard or Kakoroki village, so I'm stumped.
Keep in mind it was just a demo. You don't do anything there yet. Find the ranch.
I tried playing it, but it said I needed RGS-RTP Standard... What do I do?
Thanks for the email Quiversee you helped me get it working. Good game so far, I like where its going.
It's a shame you haven't updated this.
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