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Features Demo RELEASED

Sorry I'm a little late, but my RS! day II submission is done. Note, I couldn't properly test it due to time, but I think it is as done as I can for now (i.e. fully playable)

Now, some things I need to say that are a must to make it from start to end.

-ALWAYS MOVE. Most bossess will not be knocked back by your sword, so move and attack together.
-The spin attack has a bug where using it will not harm enemies on the bottom of your character.
-Against the 4th miniboss, you need bombs to win. DO NOT WASTEFULLY USE BOMBS AS YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO WIN IF YOU RUN OUT.
-I think I fixed this, but maybe not. The Esc. key (or X or 0) doesn't always open the menu. In case this happens to you, I made it so that you don't need to open the menu at all to make it through.
-If a fairy is flying in the room, save.
-There are 4 "dark Links" standing around that do nothing but make a sound affect. I put them there so I could have that effect for easy use in game and forgot to delete them.

I think that's it. The game takes about 1 hour to complete at most, probably less. And as stated before, it is not the regular storyline for the real game.

I hope you all enjoy.


New scripts

I have recently found 3 wonderful scripts on RPG RPG Revolution that I am using. 1 is a new title screen script, and the other a pixel movement script. I am going to use them both. The title screen you can now see, and the pixel movement is to make movement more like in the old Zelda games. I also found a script there to update the world clock and make it easier to manage. Only one of these will be seen in my demo, though... the title screen.

Three Image title screen script: ccoa
Pixel movement script: f0tz!baerchen
Dynamic Day & Night system (clock): Blizzard


Bad news...

Due to a recent spyware attack on my machines, this project has literally been wiped clean. I am not scrapping the project, only putting it on hold. I expect to be updating after a few months, cause of the time it'll take to recreate my maps, codes, and sprites.


Bad news

Due to my recent computer glitch, as well as some family emergencies I've been dealing with, I'm sorry to say the updated demo won't be out until no sooner than January 2008.




First of all, I SHOULD be getting RMXP again soon, so updates will start coming.

Anyway, more importantly, I have some possible codes to make this game more Zelda authentic. What is it this time? Battle. I think I may have a Zelda battle system going, but I can't test it yet. This is no guarentee, but I will try. Obviosly if this does happen, Link will fly solo instead of teaming up with Saria... and who knows who else? ::)

I actually have tested and confirmed the battle system. Thanks to Melch and his advice on the glitches, I got this battle system running well. I already have it working for Link's sword, bow, bombs, and boomerang (whoops, did I just reveal some of his weapons... come on, he always gets those.)
I am still testing his other tools usage in battle. Health and damage has been perfected. I even managed to factor in the classic effect of the Master Sword sending shockwaves at full health. Soon, a demo, with all this and what I stated in previous logs, will be out. And by soon, I mean within 28 days.

Also, I gotta say...



Okay, I can't post a new demo like I said, but I will post new screens soon.
Anyway, I have added some more things to the game. I added a feature that changes your appearance based on your armor. I also updated the world clock to react different in different locations, and not work in others. I have finished the second dungeon, except for the battle system, which is why I can't post a demo. I still need to fix some other faults in the battle system in general, mainly because it is too hard at first, but gets too easy very fast. Finally, I have added one skill in the game that uses multiple characters to use. I think it is the best thing I did on here as of yet, but you'll need to be the judge of that. I don't think I'll be able to buy RMXP for a few months :(
Oh well...
I promise that when I do, this game will be incredible...
This is my last day of free trial...


The Good! and the bad...

Two good things I have to point out.

First, 22 downloads of the demo! Awesome! If anyone out there has been recommending it or something, thank you!

Second, updates on the game. I have added a few new features to the game to make it more Zelda like. I added a World Clock system, and found a way to incorporate pieces of heart. I also fixed up the system for Link, since the beginning seemed a little too hard, at least to me. Empty Bottles will be used now, and most areas blocked off in the demo are accessible. I will post a new demo in a few days.

Now for the bad... I have a confession...
This whole game was made on the 30 day free trial of RMXP, and my trial is almost up. I can't yet afford the full version, and don't know when I will :(
Still, once I do, I will get working on this game again to get it finished!



I accidentaly forgot to set the start position for my demo. I fixed this and tested it myself. To those who already downloaded it, please retry on the new download when it is accepted!


Demo Complete!!!

I just submitted the demo for the Legend of Zelda: Eternity Seal! As I said, this covers all up to the second dungeon. Keep your eyes peeled; many secret treasures lie in wait. If you try my demo, please tell me what you think. I encourage criticism! My game is still in an early enough development so that I can change it based on what fans want. I estimate this demo to take anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour, depending on what you do. Enjoy!


Good news!

I've almost got a good demo ready. I can't say much, but you'll basically do the first dungeon and go almost to the second. Hopefully the demo will be ready by the end of the week. I just need to finish the battle system for the beginning.
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