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The Good! and the bad...

Two good things I have to point out.

First, 22 downloads of the demo! Awesome! If anyone out there has been recommending it or something, thank you!

Second, updates on the game. I have added a few new features to the game to make it more Zelda like. I added a World Clock system, and found a way to incorporate pieces of heart. I also fixed up the system for Link, since the beginning seemed a little too hard, at least to me. Empty Bottles will be used now, and most areas blocked off in the demo are accessible. I will post a new demo in a few days.

Now for the bad... I have a confession...
This whole game was made on the 30 day free trial of RMXP, and my trial is almost up. I can't yet afford the full version, and don't know when I will :(
Still, once I do, I will get working on this game again to get it finished!